Should I buy an Hermes Apple Watch or just an Hermes band?

I have an original Apple Watch, and I'd love an Hermes edition, but don't know if I can justify the cost. So I thought, well, I could just get a band, but I don't know. I'm so torn! Here's my thinking...

If I get the watch, it'll have Hermes printed on the backside, and it comes in an Hermes orange box with the Hermes orange sport band in addition to whichever band I choose. Not to mention there's a variety of band styles (single tour, double tour, single tour deployment buckle, double buckle cuff) and in a variety of colors.

Reasons it might be wiser to purchase just the band:
  • I wouldn't use any of the Hermes watch faces
  • The watch could break or obviously new models come out every year, thus becoming outdated, especially the OS.
Reasons not to buy just the band:
  • Styles and colors are limited, especially compared to buying the watch with whatever paired band I'd like
  • I wouldn't get the Hermes orange sport band
My husband's having a hard time with my idea of spending the amount of money an actual Hermes watch costs. He'd be more comfortable with the idea of me purchasing just a band and a brand new non-Hermes Apple Watch, but then of course I'd be limited to the styles and colors and also no Hermes orange sport band.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone else go the route of just purchasing a band?
May 27, 2007
If you already have the watch, I'd just get the band. The different Hermes faces are cool, but only you will be close enough to see them. The colors of Hermes bands are limited compared to regular Apple Watch bands, but they're no different than what you can get buying the full watch set. You just have to buy the bands right when they come out, before all the colors sell out. You can also call around to Hermes stores to see what colors they have in stock. Other brands such as Coach sell Apple Watch bands, too, and they're a different look compared to the Hermes and Apple bands. So if I already had the watch face, I'd spend my money on fun bands. The only reason I'd get a new watch is if I had to have a new Watch feature that's not on my current version.

Edit to add, I do have the Hermes Watch from its initial release, and I did not choose to get the second version when it came out. I just stocked up on bands when the new colors came out [emoji16] But I don't use the Watch as extensively as others do, so the new features weren't important enough to be to justify the cost of a whole new Watch.


May 22, 2014
a fort made from H scarves
I bought both releases of the H watch. The first round I bought a double tour and the second I bought a single tour. I also have an assortment of bands, I find the single tour more comfortable and wear my watch every single minute of the waking day so I wanted the new features of the second edition. I thought I might sell my old one but I kept it as back up in case I every have to send my current one away. I don't think I would buy the 3rd version whenever it comes out unless it's dramatically different.

I like the steel version of the watch compared to the sport model, I also like the H faces as they're subtle. I don't care that the body of the watch says H but I love the straps and have them in gray, fauve, white and black. If they release black box again, I will buy another because I wear it all the time.

I never use the orange sport strap, I have a white sport strap that I wear for workouts and casual days. I bought the H version because I'm an H fan and wanted to see the collaboration succeed. I've also lost 20lb using the various activity apps.

I think the H version is pretty reasonable if you don't want lots of the band colors, if you want to collect lots of H bands I would get the sport model watch and buy up the bands whenever they release the next batch of colors.
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Aug 6, 2008
I decided to get the regular Apple Watch and add Hermes bands. I usually buy a new iPhone every year so I couldn't justify the h cost for something I would replace/update every year. That gave me more money for additional H bands and they look amazing and dress up well.
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May 17, 2007
I had the regular apple watch and loved the white band. I would agree with others that unless you really want the double tour and H faces, the functionality is the same. One thing i found out is that the H Watch has a three year warranty while the regular apple ones are two years with Apple Care. I love wearing my orange h band and i swap out for the double tour barenia when weather and activity is not an issue. M y DD needed an iwatch so I gave her my regular one purchased the H model with store credit. HTH?


Feb 3, 2011
I personally would want the whole package. The Hermes face and bands. That being said, If it causes problems on the home front with your husband and bank account, then absolutely, just get the Hermes bands. It is not worth the grief.