Should I buy an 8 knot tote for $1300

  1. Hi Tpfers,
    I need some help. My Ta found a black 8 knot tote and offered it to me for $1300. It is a really good deal but I am undecided whether I should buy it or something from the spring line. Also, has anyone seen it irl and what is your opinion of it in relation to a GST. Thanks.
  2. where can i find something that cheap !
  3. oooh...that is very pretty!!!
  4. I am not going to get the tote. I got a PITC for X-mas and a Jimmy Choo so I need to take a break.

    My SA is Peggy at Nordstroms and her number is 206-628-1253. I believe she only has the one on hold for me so if you want it call and leave a message and call back in the morning.

    Good Luck tfers and let me know if one of you gets it.
  5. That bag is going on 65% off tomorrow on presale at NM! I just made another post about it, with my SA's number! Price will scan in about $900 she said.
  6. Thanks Photomj. I will give it some thought. Does she have other items for sale? Jewelry or Cambon reporter?
  7. Great deal if this is your style! I love the bag in grey:heart:
  8. There is a grey one available at NM Newport Beach, as of 6pm tonight.