Should I buy accessories (ie wallet, wapity etc) or a new bag?

  1. I can not make up my mind and I need opinions from the experts!! Should I get a new bag (a shoulder bag I have a speedy) or should I buy a new wallet, and another smaller piece like a wapity?:shrugs: I have some money burning a hole and I can not make up my mind! I am sure whatever I don't buy I will get later this year, but what do I do RIGHT NOW lol!?
  2. Depends on if you really find yourself NEEDING a shoulder bag. There are times when I have my speedy out shopping and as cute as it is, I am out of hands, I wished I had a shoulder bag (I just ordered the fuschia baggy GM one!!!) . The wallets are nice, but do you NEED a wallet. A bag will be seen by all....a wallet only when you pay. IF you are going to eventually buy both, I would get a new bag first and then get a wallet and/or accessories. Just IMO. (unless your wallet is in shambles and falling apart!)
  3. i think you should get a shoulder bag... like the BH!!! whoo hoo!!!!
  4. Thanks! I will also mention that my wallet is a complete disaster so I do need a new one, BUT you are right in that no one sees it inside my purse.
  5. were you planning on going to the store and taking a look at them IRL?

    That would probably help. I find whenever I'm not sure, once I go take a look you'll usually know which one catches your eye first and you can not live another moment without! :love:

    ...but be warned! There's a chance you may go in there and end up falling in love with BOTH the accessories AND the bag! Now that's a dilemma!! ;)
  6. If you really need a new wallet, I would get that. You can get a bag later. If you do get a bag, go for the BH!
  7. If your wallet is worn out then I would start with a new wallet. It's true no one sees it until you bring it out but if you have great bags you need a great wallet too. Until I got my new one I would cringe every time I had to bring it out looking all ripped and yucky :lol: .
  8. Since you mentioned that yours is pretty well used I say get a new wallet.
  9. Buying a wallet sounds like a good idea. I bought a Tresor wallet and a Pochette Cosmetique recently and they look GREAT inside my bag! Now I feel organized and classy both on the inside and outside of my handbag.
  10. I always buy bags instead of accessories but a Wapity is kind of both! :smile:
  11. :yes: Agree.
  12. Okay, now I also have the speedy 30. I bought the PTI (yes, it is expensive) and I LOOOVE it. The quality is so amazing, even my husband thinks the wallet is just awesome. I say go for the wallet, just my biased opinion! hee hee.
  13. I'd definitely get a wallet and the wapity!
  14. I'd get the wallet!!!!
  15. True, an lv wallet or accessory completes the whole picture. I also have the PTI and, how funny, my husband also thinks it's awesome!