Should I buy a Vintage Speedy?

Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio
Hello all!

I have never posted in the LV area before but I am in love with speedys, or is it speedies.. :confused1:

I am 99% sure that I am going to get a Damier 30 for Christmas, but I have no patience and I have found a nice vintage French Co. monogram one on ebay and I want it now!

I know that I was planning on probably getting a mono speedy eventually, so should I get this French and Co one now? I like the fact that there is no vachetta to worry about. And I like that it is vintage and has that strip of leather on the bottom (I don't really care for too much sag) How rare are these? Should I jump on it, or do they pop up regularly on ebay?

Do any of you know if I could get the handles replaced if they end up too worn for me?

I need some opinions.. buy or bid on the vintage mono now, or cool my heels and just wait until I get my Damier.


Oct 16, 2007
I love vintage speedies.. IF they are in good condition. You can always have both! Vintage speedies are pretty common on ebay.. some not being french co. but you can always find one on ebay. I say go for it if its in a good condition at a good price, and make sure you can trust the seller ! good luck!


Dec 6, 2006
I agree with Veelyn... you see alot of vintage Speedies :yes: when the chance comes around again definetly get it :smile:


Dec 27, 2005
I have a germ thing with used bags. I always think what the person did to them, will it smell-have stains? I could never use a pre owned bag because it would just gross me out. I know this is such a stupid thing. I have bought many high end pre owned designer bags for my family members. (My friend managed a thrift shop--and I got some great deals), but never felt comfortable using them. I rather have a new purse and know it is spotless.
Maybe a bit of OCD but I do know others feel this way too.