Should I buy a Pony Hair Balenciaga,need advice...??

  1. Recently I saw a Pony Bal-Bag from personalshoppers and I really
    fell in love with it.:yahoo:
    Instead of buying it from this eBay seller I found out that the
    Bal-NY store carries the bags for a lot less.:P
    What do you guys think of it, should I shell out all that money?:confused1:
    I`m worrid that the hair would come off, like my cat`s?

    Does anyone know about those Ponybags.?
    If I ever want to sell it again, would it ever sell?:shrugs: Help?:confused1:
  2. i personally prefer my b bags from leather because i will be too afraid i might ruin the pony hair.. :P
    while i think some of the colours look sexy in pony hair :yes:
    i won't know about the resale value though...
  3. Swissflower - I bought one of the bags, (if you're referring to the brown/white bags) they are made from goat hair, unlike last season's LE bags that were pony (cow)

    I adore these bags but I ended up returning it. When I got it, there was a significant amount of hair in the dustbag. I took it outside and gave it a good shaking and lots of hair went flying. I was really afraid that the bag would continue to shed... It was a tough decision because the bag was incredibly beautiful but for the price of the bag ($1,410), it seemed like too much of a risk.

    JMO (and coming from someone who REALLY wanted the bag)
  4. Aside from the shedding (yikes!) the bag will inherently go bald where there is most friction. I don't think it's worth the extra money for the hassle and for the inevitable balding, unless you plan to have it as more of a collectible (using it only once in a blue moon), I'd stick with an all leather one.
  5. ^ I agree. Plus, the pony hair bags do not have a lot of resale value. I bought a purple one last year around this time, sold it on eBay a few months later (bag was still pristine) for $700. Took a huge loss since the bag cost more than $1195 (I think it was close to $1400).
  6. OMG...maybe better not to get the Pony, afterall.
    Not sure now what to do....:crybaby:
  7. :yahoo: Maybe a LV Bag would be a better investment, once I decide
    for resell value:confused1:
  8. Balenciaga bag resale values are phenomenal (as far as bags go). No one is telling you they are a bad investment. We're just saying stick with the leather.
  9. I personally think the pony hair bags are a big fad and will soon go away. I saw a woman at Nordies yesterday carrying one (not a Bbag) and she was probably in her early 50's and I do have to say she looked stupid....besides, what if you get caught in the rain/monsoon/flood, etc, we all know how LIVE animals smell when they get wet, can you imagine what a dead one smells like? eeeuuuwww!

    did that convince you?:heart:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. I love the pony hair bags, but I never got one because I think a pony hair bag would be too high maintenance and unpractical... So I got just got a pony hair coin purse which is still really nice but less worrisome than a whole pony hair bag.
  12. I fell in love with it the first time i saw it too. Contemplated on getting it but weighted the pros and cons and ended up getting a leather one. I'm already extra careful when i take my leather one out, imagine if i purchased the pony..

    Leather will last longer, it's more resistent to dirt, some spillage etc.
  13. :yahoo: Wow you guys are good....thanks for all that advice...
    I`m not getting a pony bag after all....:Push:
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