Should i buy a new wallet?

  1. I have this Gucci wallet that works perfectly well but i would like a Louis wallet, only some stitching is loose. If i will buy a louis it would be in mono. I have alot of mono bags to and i'm affraid i will get bored by the mono. It's alot of money for a wallet so i need to sell this one and i don't know if i will get a good amount of money for it.

    So what do you guys think; do i need a new wallet? Would it be to matchy or would it look cute?




    gucci 2.JPG

    gucci 3.JPG

  2. I love my Louis Vuitton wallets - the quality is wonderful. I had a gucci - and they are pretty - but I felt fun pulling out a different logo out of my purse. Get a Louis - you won't be sorry.
  3. I prefer LV on wallets too, but this decision is really up to which you like better!
  4. Get an LV wallet! I am looking for an excuse to get new one myself. :graucho:

    And if you think you would get bored with mono, try the new vernis color, pomme d'amour :drool:
  5. VERY the azur french wallet just dropped in price .. go and snag one :biggrin:
  6. I love your gucci wallet but I think having at least one mono canvas LV wallet is a good move. The french purse just decreased in price almost $100 I would go for that! It's like ripping off a bandaid, do it fast! Order it, pay for it and forget about the fact that it was close to buying another bag, you'll use it forever and be happy you have it. I bought a PTI years ago before LV increased so regularly, it was like just shy of $300 at the time (but mind you a papillon 26 was $350) so in comparison then a wallet was just as close to buying a bag as they are now. Even though it's a large wallet that I don't use everyday I'm still thrilled to have it.
  7. Thanks everyone!

    i would love the pochette wallet, any chance it will get cheaper?
  8. LV wallet for sure! I think the french purse is really pretty in the pomme.
  9. ^^ I don't know what the heck to expect, I will say though.... I think the french purse had gotten a little to far out of price in comparison to other functional wallets in canvas, also very close in price to it's vernis counter part, mono was $615 vernis is $665. I think LV likes to have a good separation between the canvas lines and the other more expensive materials.
  10. it did?? oh no! these price decreases are making me want to add more to my list!
  11. ^^ holy crap, it did. by like $100!
  12. Mono French Purse is down to $525 too on Elux. (I love this wallet and would buy it if I didn't own it already!!!)
  13. LV wallets are a great investment. I've had my mono pti for almost a year and it looks brand new. I use it every day in all my different lv bags. My husband bought it for me in las vegas, so I just about freaked over how much it cost him. But it will last me a lifetime and it's gorgeous. Get one!
  14. I, too have the mono PTI. It is made so beautifully, you won't regret a wallet, they are totally worth the money.
  15. I had a small black Prada leather wallet for years (still do, looks great but is getting a little worn down) and just got an LV mono Zippy Wallet a couple weeks ago. Wow! I too have a lot of mono and don't like to be matchy matchy but it DOES look great in a mono bag AND mixes will with my other bags too. So, no regrets here! Here's a pic of the interior:
    zippy wallet interior.jpg