Should I buy a Neo Cabby MM? Advice please

  1. Hello
    I've slipped in here from the Balenciaga section, since a black denim Neo Cabby has really caught my eye. I am a Bbag addict, since I currently own 12 of the darlings all in a wonderful range of colours and with very different leather variations, but all of a sudden I am taken aback by the look of a Neo Cabby. So can I seek your advice, please? It's a lot of money here in the UK (£740) for a denim bag. Will it wear well? What will its re-sale value be, if I ever decide to sell it? I would really like to carry it at work. Is it a bag to take to the office? I'd really appreciate your help and advice. Thanks so much.
  2. Im not a fan of the denim line at all. Too much $$$ for denim. As compared to your balenciagas, they wont have much re-sale value IMO. Some would think otherwise though.
  3. I think it's a drop-dead gorgeous bag. If you can pull it off at your office, I would go for it, though the denim makes it casual. I love the way it can be carried 3 ways, much like a Bbag. To justify the cost, I thought of it like spending $ on a pair of LV jeans, which would obviously be pricey. The bag is trendy but I think it can also be classic, just like a good pair of jeans! If the colour is seasonal (ie. black), you could probably get pretty good resale on the bag.
  4. I think it's a great bag and I love mine. It totally fits my lifestyle which is casual, yet chic. You can dress it up or down IMO. If you're a B bag fan, you'll love this one, too. It's very similar.
  5. LVOE the neocabby it is so unique and fresh...the LV's are woven into the fabric so there is a lot more attention to detail...hottest LV bag of the season imo...LV is pricey in general and I think this bag is worth has the WOW factor....more work to create one than a canvas bag.....craftmanship
  6. i have a black neo cabby mm and honestly it is one of my favorite bags that LV has made. i think its great that you have different carrying options as well as a dressy and casual use.
  7. I want one so bad!!
  8. I have the GM and am using it at my office today. Love love LOVE it! Tonight I'll wear it out with jeans. It's a great flexible handbag. The MM is a little dressier so I think it would work perfectly.
    Go try it on with a work outfit and see how it suits you.
  9. I LOVE that bag, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to spend that much on denim...but if you like it and can get it, I say go for it!
  10. I didn't think I could ever spend so much on denim either... until the Neo Cabby came along!!! I LOVE my Cabby GM. I take it to work every day. I think you'd love it.
  11. Sincere thanks to all of you for your helpful words. It is a lot of money for a denim bag, but I am going to go along to a London retailer to see the bag IRL. If I'm smitten, it will be joining me at work on a regular basis (alongside my Bbags, of course!). I'll let you know asap. Many thanks again and I'd welcome any further thoughts.
  12. lizziecat, welcome to LV! :nuts:

    I own Balenciagas and LVs and I have to say that the Neo Cabby MM is surprisingly much like a Bal City in a slouchy kind of way. :p You can either hand-carry or use the shoulder strap and the whole thing just slouches when carried via the shoulder.

    It is my current fave LV! :heart: Pricey but IMO, all LV is pricey, denim or coated canvas. :p

    Give it a try and you'll see what I mean. :graucho:
  13. I have the black and I love it! The denim line has a HUGE resell value too if you want to sell it later on!
  14. Well, I've done it, girls! I couldn't wait until my next trip to London, so I've order it today for mail order delivery next week. I'm very excited since this is a big first for me, moving away from Balenciaga . I'll let you know what I think later in the week.
  15. Wow Lizziecat I have the same dilemma! I just bought the MM Black Cabby today but I was going back and forth between getting a city from SS08 with GGH or the cabby? I just checked out the latest SS08 Bals at Barney's and have decided on the cabby since I could only get one but I am still a very devout fan of Bal and feel like I am cheating on them!