Should i buy a messenger or Courier ???

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having a trip to Europe in the summer, Hoo-ray!and am already made up my mind to bring my favourite DAY with me BUT, my friend said that a messenger style maybe better on trip. Now, hard choice to make:should i have a messenger bag or courier bag since i'm only 5'4. I heard that the strap in the messenger bag is very short, is that right? how about Courier? would her be too big on me? :shrugs:
  2. I think a messenger will be better for you as courier bag is huge (in my opinion). Unless you carrry lots when you travel. :smile:
  3. I'm 5'7" and the Messenger is pretty big. The Courier is HUGE but it all depends on if you like huge bags. I don't like them too big and think that they look funny on me. Is there any way that you can try them on first? The Day is a great travel bag too and it holds a lot.
  4. I think you should buy a messenger as I really think the courier would overpower you......I´m the same hight as you, and I have tried one on but it was just way too big....looked like the bag was wearing me,LOL!

  5. I'm 4'11" and I love my Courier. I would vote for that, because the strap is adjustable so it can be carried cross-body or hobo style. Because it is not a structured style, it drapes well, so it doesn't look overpowering on me. I think it holds MUCH more than a messenger, which might be useful on your trip. You can see a bunch of comparison pictures of it and the Day here:

    Good luck and be sure to post pictures of whatever you get! :tup:

  6. ^^ ITA, for travel, get the courier
  7. :lol:I agree. When I tried it on it looked like the bag was wearing me too. It was just ENORMOUS but it depends on how you are built and how tall. I've seen some girls on here that it looks great on.
  8. I love the way the messenger looks... very nicely proportioned and balanced. I'd get that one!
  9. I pulled all Courier and messenger threads out and found some modeling pic. All girls wore their bags beautifully. Usually i goes to travel, i'll bring wallet, mp3 player, toilettes,book/magazines and thin jacket. Actually, my DAY is big enough to put those things in. But, it's always get exciting to buy new bal. bag especially for a bal.addict like me. Ha!:yahoo:!Whatever i choose, i'll post pic later!

    Thank you for HappyAngel & aaallabama. I think i would like the messenger bag more than the courier, just don't know how short is the strap when i wear as cross-body, i like it handg around on my hip. BTW, can i put a book or magazine in there?

    Thank you powderpuff100. I would like to try them on first but, i live in canada and there is no one store carry bal. bag in the city that i live. I have to drive around 2 hrs. to get to Holt's Renfrew in Toronto. Anyway, Holt's bal. stock are very, very limited.

    Thank you lovely64, this is what i'm concerning, the courier maybe too big & overpwering on me. But, i'll like to bring a book/magazines & thin jacket(sometimes) with me, just don't know if it is big enough to put them inside,maybe not the jacket but at least a book/magazine though.

    Thank you Cheshire Cat for the thread that you included to me. YOU ROCKS :nuts:GIRL! your babies are so gorgeous! i love all those colours! when i saw your pics, you know what? caught my eye is your lovely white DAY GGH, totally forgot the couirier because i'm a hugh fan of DAY and i have mogano,tabac,blueberry babies but, i never have a light colour in my collection. After seeing yours, i really want one now and "Sahara" is also a nice netruel color as well, it'll pop out in the summer. White or Sahara in DAY? Messenger or Courier? oh! my God! having an headache!!!:confused1:
  10. I am from Canada too!!! :yahoo: My holt doesn't have much choice either. So I buy my B-bag from Aloha Rag, which is great by the way! It's cheaper than buying from Holt even with custom (AR marks their bag with a lower price on the custom form) I think the size of the flat messenger is 14" x 12" you can definitely fit a book or magazine in there. I will get a messenger soon; if the straps is too short, I am thinking of punching holes on the straps so the bag will hang down around my hips. Let us know what color/style you end up with. :heart:
  11. double post...sorry
  12. I would get the messenger. I LOVE my flat messenger. I carry it everywhere I go when I go shopping, because of the hands-free comfort and style! The courier is gorgeous too, definitely more stylish. Whatever you decide, show us pics!! My Mogano Flat Messenger below. FYI, the strap is set to the longest but you can make them shorter also. I am 5'6".


  13. My big problem with the messenger is the strap. It's way too short to wear a messenger the way I like to. Just three more inches and I'd have bought it. I can't understand why Balenciaga has gotten so stringy on straps. Same with the women's besace, although there you can punch some new holes.

    For this reason, the men's besace and the courier are the only options, even though the courier is a bit too large, even for me (cuz I love big bags).
  14. I love my Sahara Day but I would def not recommend that colour for traveling. You don't want to worry about dirt etc.
  15. messanger