Should I buy a medallion tote?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm pretty new to Chanel and LOVE classic bags.
    I already own a 2.55 in black with silver hardwear and have spotted a Chanel medallion tote on eBay (my poupette seller). There is a white one and a red one available.

    Are these in style or am I best to go for something else?

    Thanks in advance! x
  2. The Medallion tote is part of the classic collection so it will always be in style. I recently purchased a dark brown Medallion tote on eBay and just love it!
  3. I think a red medallion tote would be very pretty.
  4. I must admit at first i was dissapointed in how stiff i felt the Medallion, it also felt very overwhelming heavy on me at first( because im very petite). Now i think it was all just buyers guilt. Its always gonna be in style, its a classic, very good for everyday handbag. U cant go wrong! I say go for it! The big classic c's give it a lot of personality :smile:
  5. be careful with the red one.. i think it says the handle is torn off and they sewed it back on.
  6. I have this in black and really enjoy it. It is on the stiff side. I am not able to get mine over my shoulder. I use it handheld. If you're petite, you probably can get it over your shoulders. I don't know how comfty the rolled handles would be though.

    I do like that it zips all the way across the top.
  7. I like the look of this bag but it does not fit comfortable on my shoulder. If you don't mind a hand-held bag then this is a nice one to have.
  8. I have no problem wear it on my shoulder, medallion tote is a classic one always there in every season..
  9. Uh oh, I thought it would fit over my shoulder. I just bought the dark brown caviar medallion tote I had been dying to find with the belief it would, so here's to hoping! Even if it doesn't I think the bags are gorgeous! I would recommend them as a classic piece of Chanel because of their durability and versatility. I agree that this is one bag that will always be in style.
  10. I really don't understand how people say it doesn't fit over the shoulder. Mine fits perfectly fine on my shoulder with room underneith. Even with a jacket it fits, so I dunno why that is a complaint with some peeps. But anyway, it's a wonderful bag!!!
  11. Yes! the medallion tote is great, im hoping to get one :biggrin:
  12. I LOVE my white caviar medallion...i have many chanel bags, but this one remains my most beloved and most beautiful. I dont wear it much because it's white and i'm terrified of geting it dirty, but when i do wear it, i get endless compliments. I am petite--5'2" and 98lbs, and it fits perfectly as a shoulder bag and as a hand held bag. I would say go with the white, and keep it clean--it's a true stunner :smile:
  13. The size of one's arms can be an issue with the Medallion. Also, I think the handles on older season bags are a little bit longer than current seasons. The handles on mine fit perfectly with room to spare, but the most outerwear needed here in AZ is a light sweatshirt. I don't know how it would fare over a heavier coat or jacket.
  14. It's a great tote, but the sound of the medallion charm can be quite annoying if you let it dangle out of the tote.
  15. I have the white medallion tote and can fit it over my shoulder (i'm 5"4'' and 108 lbs). I love this bag. Go get the white one!:smile: