Should I buy a lily?

  1. Squeezed quite a bit in there. ;)
    Lovely fancy cookie lily i love it. :smile:
  2. @J.a.n the thing at the bottom right of the first pic, is it cosmetic pouch?
  3. If its the black one i cant tell we will have to ask shiny and new it could be a small diary or mirror maybe
    The red one is a small diary or address book.
  4. Red and on top of the red thingy chocolate/black?
  5. That's how i wear my Lily, double straps.

    When i bought my denim Tillie i asked the SA to shorten the strap - they have a hole-punch on site and did it willingly, i'm only 5'2 and sometimes the straps, on certain bags, are nearly to my knees :p
  6. Sorry right side of pic is black travel holder for my train ticket and red diary! :biggrin:
  7. Ooh, how large is it?
  8. The travel holder is the size of a credit card... The diary is slightly bigger x
  9. You can be surprised how much you can fit in a Lily. You can definitely wear it casual or formal plus you can carry it in different ways - cross-body, over shoulder and as a clutch etc.
  10. I think the cookie lily retails for £595 (the standard oak NVT lily is £495). They have been popular though so might be a bit hard to find one. I agree with the others, lily is a very useable bag and good by day or by night xx
  11. What kind of things do you like to carry... Let me know and I'll see if I have similar and can take pics with it all inside...
  12. I like to carry car keys, (quite stuffy) long purse, lipstick, tissue, mint candy, and a strip or two of medicine
  13. Right I have managed to fit... A long purse, iPhone in case, mints, car keys, lipstick and added a rayban sunglasses case as I don't have any tissues... As you can see there is still plenty of room!
    fdcfba54.jpg 60ace735.jpg 8c377680.jpg
  14. Ooh thank you, thank you, thank you! But if it's not too much (but I guess it is) could you please close the flap and snap a pic of the full front picture after it is stuffed with these things? ;) (I'm so sorry if I ask too much...)
  15. No prob give me a sec I've just gotta re pack her!!!