Should I buy a jumbo?

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  1. With all the talk for price increase, I am debating if I should get a jumbo and who better to ask then tpfs.

    I tried on a jumbo 2 years ago and I feel that it's big on me. The strap is long so I ended up buying a m/l. But I see so many beautiful pictures of the jumbo so I wanted to give it a second try. If I get it, what color should I get? Is it too much to get another black?

    Btw, I am 4'10". And love black.
  2. I wouldn't buy just because of a price increase. If the Jumbo doesn't suit you, it will only sit in your closet. I have bought and returned and also sold a number of Jumbos over the years because I love how they look on others only to realize they just don't work for me. I also feel they are somewhat bulky and I don't like the strap length for my height (5'2"). I prefer the size and shape of Reissues and I am now loving Boy bags as well. Spend your money on bags you will use. Good luck with your choice!
  3. Yes, agreed with the above comment, don't just buy because of the price increase. Being petite we may have to cross off the Jumbo from our list if it's not suitable. I am 5' and had given the Jumbo a few tries over the years alas ended up returning them due to their size (both current and vintage). However, the Reissue 226 worked out well for me though! Perhaps you can give the Reissue 226 or 227 a try? They are less bulky, good luck :smile:
  4. I absolutely love the Jumbo....the m/l tends to be small and makes me downsize my stuff. I have several Jumbos and love them. I also have several m/l's and love them. It ultimately will depend on what you are comfortable with and what you plan to do with them. I am 5'2" and petite.
  5. I think jumbos look best on petite women with the straps shortened (take a bunch of the chain inside and tie it together with a hair tie, tuck underneath the double flap). However, I do think the reissue looks better on petite women overall than the jumbo. Since you already have the M/L, why not get the reissue? That's next on my list :smile:
  6. You should only get it if you really like it! Not because you have too, if not you might regret it later… Maybe other Chanel may tickle your fancy perhaps?
  7. I love and have the jumbo, and it is the "classic" look for me. But I prefer the reissue 227. Edgier and a true classic.
  8. Agreed!! Spend it on something you would use, don't buy out of fear of price increases.... If jumbo is too big 2 years ago it will prob still be too big now.....
  9. +1 :tup:
  10. Jumbo is a good size but its heavy because of the double flap. I bought 2 jumbos and eventually sold both because it hurts my shoulder.