Should I buy a Juicy tracksuit to travel in?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Im going to Jamaica in 1 week:yahoo:and its a killer 10 hour flight.

    I really didnt like Juicy tracksuits until recently as i never found a reason to wear one for everyday life, so i was thinking of getting one to travel in.
    Do you think this is a good idea? Or should I just stick with my usual linen trousers, tee and cardigan?

    Thanks everyone! xx
  2. Juicy Tracksuits or C&C tees with leggings are the only two kinds of outfits I wear on the plane. I fly from China to Canada twice a year along with other shorter flights. They are sooo much more comfortable (and WRINKLE FREE!)

    There are other cheaper alternatives, but I personally like the fit of Juicy the best. It also doesn't stretch out as much as other suits I've tried.
  3. I think it would be a great idea! I would suggest fleece over velour if you get super cold like I do. The fabric is heftier and cozier... plus, less slightly to get smushed as the plush of the velour sometimes does.
  4. i love to travel in my juicy pants they're so comfy and keep you warm. you're going to jamaica so get a nice terry one :smile: so you won't be unbearably hot when you leave the airport
  5. thanks girlies! xx
  6. Luva, I agree, they are fab for travelling. I remember flying into Montego Bay and thinking I was going to pass out in the heat, it just hits you like a hot air fan as you get off the plane :biggrin:

    have a fabulous holiday you lucky gal!!!
  7. I would have to agree! Go for it! I love Juicy, and I know I would travel in it if I was in your situation! Have fun!!!!! And I wish you safe travel!
  8. the terry capri ones are totally comfy
  9. Marvelous idea! They are so comfortable, form-flattering, and cozy that you will be able to walk around, deal with flight stress, and sleep on the plane without feeling hampered by your clothes. I would go for the terry since you're going to a warmer location. Also, never buy Juicy Couture at full price because you can always find it discounted somewhere :yes:. Happy shopping!
  10. oh yes this juicy is all i travel in. so comfortable but yet still cute.
  11. I also am a Juicy traveler! They are the best, so comfy, easy to sleep in and as mentioned above they do not wrinkle. I layer my hoodie over a cap sleeve tee or tank though because the zippers can be cold against your skin on a frigid plane. I also love to travel with a pashmina, they look cute with a Juicy suit and of course your fab bags and luggage!
  12. I just bought a new Juicy tracksuit. It's so comfy I think I am going to travel to Florida with this :tup:
  13. Yup, definitely do that! They're so comfy, I use Juicy oufits as pajamas.
  14. Sorry I don't mean to be rude, but no matter how comfy it's such a cliche to wear juicy on a plane and they look kinda hmmh.. awful? :s But that's just my opinion.
  15. great idea!, juicy's soooo comfy,
    i think im gona wear mine on my flight to the dominican republic, does any1 know of any tailors?, mine need taking up in the leg?!