Should I buy a grey JPG shoulder Birkin??

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  1. Hi ladies, as I wrote many times I'm on waiting list for blue jean shoulder birkin, but this one will arrive next spring...I'm impatient to carry one, so I called and my SA told me they're waiting a GREY clemence with palladium HW shoulder Birkin, and this should arrive in the next few months: should I buy this on instead of the blue jean? big dilemma :cry: :cry: , pls tell me your opinions, thanks :idea: :idea:
  2. If you love the gray as much, do it! Or get both :biggrin: If its going to be a long time before the blue jean gets there, you can get this one to hold you over until then. It sounds great!
  3. Good idea, Noriko, I was thinking to do the same, to buy this one when it arrives, and then wait the other one...but I'm not so sure .....
  4. I would wait for the blue jean jpg Birkin;) When you finally receive your bag it will be worth the wait:love:
  5. I like grey but it's not the color I thought for my birkin...I'm afraid it can be too "ladylike".....
  6. How does a grey JPG looks like?
  7. I can't find an image to post, sorry, anyway the leather in this color is cute, even if not bright as in blue jean...:cry:
  8. hkstar, don't get the grey. Wait for the Blue Jeans!

    Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans.... *the chant goes on* :lol:
  9. hkstar - If you're heart is set on the blue jean, wait, just make sure that when it arrives, the bag is really reserved for you.

    Now, if money is not an issue and you also like the grey, get both.
  10. I think a JPG Birkin needs a fun, whimsical color. Blue Jean all the way!
  11. Blue Jean all the way...WAIT...grey is kind of just there. I say will be here before you know it!
  12. If you can afford to get both why not? If not I'd hold off for the Blue Jean.
  13. Hi ladies, I've read all your opinion, thanks for helping me:smile:))
    I've decided to get the grey one now and to keep my name on waiting list for the blue jean one ;)))
    My honey owes me a present, and it could be the blue jean, couldn't it?? ehehe:smile:))
  14. Great decision! I was just going to tell you to get both :biggrin:
  15. I've just got a call from Hermès store: my taupe Birkin will arrive tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And saturday I'm going to pick it up:smile:)) Omg, I'm so excited!!! I can't stop myself jumping and smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!