Should I buy a Goyard bag?? Please help me decide!!

Mar 13, 2006
I've been wanting a Goyard St. Louis bag for a loooong time now. I like monogram bags but I don't really own any because a lot of them are way too common (for example, Coach and LV). I like how Goyard is a "well kept secret" and not a lot of people know the pattern. Thus, not a lot of people would know that I'm carrying a designer bag. Also, this bag looks like such a great every day bag (especially when it rains!) that I wouldn't have to baby.

So, then, why not just get one, right? Well, I did some research and it seems that Goyard bags have some issues, such as fraying and fading. I know that white bags have this issue but not other colors (I would go with black). I just have hard time believing that bags that cost that much would have such issues. If you own a Goyard bag, please, please, please, tell me about your experience!

My question is should I get a Goyard bag despite of what I read about them online? It would be my last bag that I'm allowed to purchase this year. What do you think?



Feb 25, 2009
I adore Goyard so I'd definitely get one. I've been thinking about the St. Louis for some time now myself and love that it's a great, functional every day bag, too.

It will be good to hear the experiences of others and see if they have had any issues with their St Louis bags.

Best wishes with the decision; let us know what you decide to do. :smile:


Feb 5, 2008
i have the PM in royal blue. i have been really rough with it since i got it in sept and the only problems i have had is the handles wearing a little bit where they attach to the bag. i LOVE it, its so practical and I really recommend you get one. I have no wear anywhere on the canvas.


Apr 6, 2007
I do not have a bag, but I do have a zippered pouch that I use as my cosmetics case. It is black. While the pouch does not weather the elements, it does get tossed around and battered in my handbags. It still looks brand new and I bought it in early December 08.
I bought mine at Bergdorfs; they have a wonderful selection.
Mar 13, 2006
Thank you everyone!!! I REALLY want one!!! I keep talking myself out of buying it because it is pricey for a canvas bag and then reading about all the issues kind of scares me. But I really want a bag that's great in any weather and doesn't have to be babied. Oh, decisions, decisions!


bag obssessed...
Aug 6, 2008
I have a St. Louis PM and I definitely don't baby it...some days I stuff it full, other days its pretty empty. I like that I don't have to baby it and be careful of scratching the Goyards are not high maintenance compared to my Balenciaga bags! I think if you really want one, and have been wanting one, then take the plunge and get one! Carry it around your house to see if you like it enough to keep it.
Oct 20, 2008
I have not had my pieces for very long but I adore Goyard. I know when I bought mine the SA was super nice. I express to her my concerns because like you I read about the horror stories. She reiterrated to me several times that if I have any problems what so ever to bring it in and she will take care of it immediately.
Jun 25, 2008
If you like it, love it, whatever, go for it. A lot of people like these bags.
Now, my honest opinion is that I'm not among them. I really don't like these bags and can't understand what others see in them. But to each her own, right?

ETA: I just saw your last post. Oh well, moot point now...