Should I buy a fake??


Ulster Lass
Nov 23, 2005
I really really want a red chloe paddington for my birthday but I haven found out that the ones that I thought were real, are fake (thanks to ppl on this forum)

Real ones start from £750 whereas the fakes start at £120.

I dont want to pay all that money for a fake but I really want the bag and I could never afford £750 for one bag. No one I know would know the difference anyway. They think £50 is expensive for a bag!

What should I do.. do you guys have fakes?? :cry:
No fakes here- and although I would never buy a fake, if that is what you can afford and you love the bag- then buy it. It's more important to buy what you can afford and live within your means than going into debt over buying the real thing.
Of course Jag is right, bags are not worth getting into debt over! But... and only since you asked... I think it's SO much better to get a nice bag that's within your budget, than to try to copy an expensive bag. Besides the fact that most people will be able to tell it's fake (IMO), I think it just feels yucky to know that I have a copy of something. PLUS.... I would never personally support that market!
There was a great Bazaar article a while back about fake purses. Considering the unscrupulous nature of some of the hawkers, I would absolutely give an adamant "NO!" to fakes. I frankly couldn't care less about how much the designers make off their bags, but when the nature of producing fakes consist of forced labor, even child labor, in many cases under horrid conditions... I have strong moral objections, I don't think any fake purse is worth that.

So now, I'm going to get off my high horse and flat out tell you that I had bought fakes before. It didn't occur to me then that other people were being hurt by this industry. I just thought of it as a cheap way to get a fun purse. Frankly now, I would rather just have the real deal without any moral dilemma and know that it's NOT a fake.

This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but the decision in the end is yours anyways.
umm I know what you mean.. I dont want to support it...

But I would still be buying the same design as the Chloe, only different is quality. I mean the fake bag is still going to be real leather. Just not as good..

I think if I was walking down the street wearing it, I wouldnt think 'oh Im carrying a fake and everyone knows it' I would think 'Im wearing an expensive bag that looks great and I've worked hard for it' (its expensive to me)

I could have 6 different coloured chloes for the price of 1 real chloe..

I guess I've answered my own question!!
I agree with Daisy. Why don't you check out Bluefly- you can always get a great deal there. Also, bananarepublic has a couple of really cute bags that are reasonably priced!!!
i'm probably the odd one out also, but i think that in some circumstances, buying a fake is ok. speaking personally as a college student, i have no income accept for what my parents give me, which ends up being $150/mo. Definately not enough to buy a real purse. so, when i can get a fake chloe paddington for $50 on a website, you bet your bottom dollar i'm going to get it. spending $2700 on some purses is my apartment rent for an entire semester! i don't think i'll ever feel good about myself spending that much for a purse. as odd as that sounds, its weird that i find purchasing fakes easier on the conscience than spending so much (money that i don't have) and supporting the millionaire designers.

on another front, i don't think chic-ness can only be for the rich and able. nice stuff (at least fashion-wise) should not be limited to those who can afford it, but for those who care about what's "in" and trendy.

so...have fun. don't let the whispers stop you. i'll wear my faux handbags with pride!!! you should too.
I would buy something that fits your budget, rather than a fake. Why buy something that is going to fall apart in a few months? There are other great, less expensive designer bags out there that are gorgeous. Even if no one else knows the difference, you'll know you're carrying a fake. What's your budget? I'm sure we can all help you find something beautiful that won't break your bank account :biggrin:
I say buy something within your budget. From what I've heard, fakes fall apart quickly. I know for a fact that LV fakes fall apart as I have a friend that I work with who bought the LV Abesses messenger and sure enough, after a few months the strap just broke off his bag. For poor quality, I wouldn't spend even $10.
If you're working on a budget, isn't it better to put your money into a bag that is going to last? If you have to spend $200 now and then again in a few months when the bags fall apart or look gross, you're not saving yourself any money. To me, fakes look gross after a short amout of time and plus you can almost always tell when someone is carrying a fake...I'd rather save my money for what I really want or spend it on something real in my price range. Just my opinion though.
i couldn't be more against fake. i'm a college student that works hard for her money, but fakes are tacky and vulgar on many levels, not the least of which that the people who make them are more or less slaves. no one should have to suffer that much so i can have a lookalike bag, IMO. but what you do with your money is up to you. i don't think you're going to get the answer you're looking for here.
ok, tricky question... i don't believe in spending beyond your budget, but since you love the design so much, i can understand how a different bag from a good brand just would not do, I would agree with Tanja about looking at Lush.

Someone on this forum asked if Lush supports forced labor and all that, honestly, I don't know, but since they are a 'proper' company which operates legally, then I guess they are not exactly funding terrorism etc. Perhaps the only thing they are guilty of is copyright infringement. In that case, it is up to those high end designers to get their lawyers to clamp down on companies like lush.

Not everyone can spend that kind of money on a bag, and honestly, whilst the material may be good (not even sure if i am right on this considering the number of problems that paddy owners have with theirs), most of what you pay for is the advertising... so i would say, go for a similar design, but not a downright fake which profess to be a chloe... Designer-inspired bags are fine by me... just not those which claim to be the real thing but are not. To many people, even these designer-inspired ones are out of their budget... so we are all very lucky people in this forum to be able to get bags which, imo, are not considered necessities in life....