Should I buy a Cole Haan Lunch Tote?

  1. I loved that bag for months. I thought it was too big, and too expensive, so I got the smaller, which was too tiny. I tried to forget about it. Went to the outlet a bunch.

    I found one I think was my perfecto on eBay, but I'm just going crazy over getting Paddies, and I'm kind of still buying too many less expensive bags, and I should stop since it's not stopping me from shilling out $1000 on Paddies!! Right?

    But the real reason I'm asking the question is that I fill my bags and they get heavy, and I hear the strap stretches. So I'm thinking I may hate that. What do you think?

    I thought of not packing it, but they're called necessities for a reason. Perhaps it could be like a bag used at certain times. Doesn't it look like a nice Summer picnic bag?? He he. I love picnics for dates. I don't know!! I could always buy it and sell it, which I don't mind doing.

    So then maybe the real question is that olive colour Village Paillette Lunch Tote - will I find it again - preferably when the Spring is approaching and it's coming more into style?