Should I Buy a Boy Bag? Please Advise.

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    As you all know, the impending price increases have frustrated many of us. I am now thinking about whether to add a (new medium) Boy Bag to my collection. I currently have a jumbo caviar ghw, M/L, reissue 226, a vintage bucket tote, mini, and WOC.

    I love the ease and look of the boy bag (can be worn cross body), but so can many of my other Chanels, with the exception of the jumbo and M/L. Do I really "need" a Boy? Is it a must have or a passing trend? Am I just feeling pressured into buying because of the price increase? Please advise!
  2. I did hesitate at first about buying it too but then glad that I didn't. I've searched high and low for my chevron boy and totally fell in love with it. It's light weight, enough room for my stuffs, and best that I can wear it across my body when I am with my toddler.

    Overall I love mine😍😍😍
  3. I think it is a good bag to add to your collection. At first i was not a fan of the bag because it looked like a side satchel to me. But after some contemplation, i realized it is edgy/tomboy bag and i would like to get one someday.
  4. It depends on your dressing sense. I realize girls on streetstyle and casualwear, wears the boy perfectly. However if you like to be dressy, the reissue/classic is good enough.
  5. I love my Boys! My overall wardrobe is pretty casual and I find it to be a perfect everyday bag. My Jumbos seem to dressy and even my Reissues are more formal than I would like sometimes. I have been wearing my Boys pretty much non-stop since last summer and love them! I think it depends on your style and when you would use the bag, but I am very happy with mine!
  6. Get one! They are so versatile and amazing. The price is a little steep but they manage to be classic yet edgy.
  7. If say if you love the casual vibe and love the convenience of a crossbody option and love the style of the boy you should jump on it if you can.... If not the increase on boy isn't as much as classics I think it's $300 up for same size.... If there's a size you want but it's out of stock just wait for it....
  8. I think it's different enough from your mini and woc, because the new med size is a lot larger and will fit a lot more. I think it will fit perfectly in your collection. I always feel that it matches better with casual style and is totally different form the feel of the classic flaps.
  9. Ahh you are all enablers :smile: that's why I love TPF lol!

    My practical side says to give my wallet a rest. My moral side says to be happy with what I have. But my fashion crazed side says to get it NOW! :graucho:
  10. If there is one available now that you love, your wallet can handle the damage, and you think you will find it useful (such as greater capacity compared with your other crossbody bags, casual/edgy look fits well with your style, etc), then I say go for it! ;)
  11. At first, I was looking to get a mini for a crossbody bag but after try on the small boy, I fell in love with it and ended up getting the boy instead.
  12. I'm on the same boat as you, haha.
    I went to the boutique but they only had the small size, i almost got that one anyways after trying it on, it looks great with casual clothing.

    I ended up not getting it and waiting for the medium size to be back in stock. :lol:
    Now i'm slowly forgetting about the boy bag I tried on, and thinking about colored classic flaps again.....

    I'm also scared that the boy bag will be a impulsive buy.. :/
  13. I think u should get one but in regular small quilting because it is classics for boy bag. It is def a different look from classic and i am sure u will wear it alot. tRust me because i did. I have maxi and jumbo and i only worn it twice.
  14. Oh Snowbubble I know what you mean. I am the type to agonize over a purchase. I also just checked out the boy options for pre-fall and the red lamb and the stingray sound amazing...But I also really like the black version.

    Do you think the small is too small?
  15. The best thing about boy is that it's 'effortless' I bought my medium boy and it goes with all my outfits. I even carry it to classes!!

    Boy can never be too underdressed or overdressed you know. Boy is just being boy. ;)