Should I buy a Blake?

  1. Hi Ladies.

    I plan on putting a portion of my tax refund towards a new MJ and I want a black Blake. The only problem is, I already own the black Satchel and feel like it is fairly similar to the Blake, with the exception of the Satchel's side buckles. I've attached photos of my bag, although I'm certain you all are familiar with this style, being the MJ aficionados that you are :smile:

    I'm kind of "over" the Satchel b/c it's a pretty large bag and unless I have it packed to the brim, it kind of sags and is a bit cumbersome. To me, the Blake seems like a great bag to take to work everyday, and out on weekends. It also strikes me as a pretty classic bag that won't really go out of style. So I'm here to ask for any and all opinions as to whether I should buy the Blake or just stick with the Satchel. TIA, I really appreciate the feedback!!
    Satchel1.jpg Satchel2.jpg Satchel3.jpg
  2. Personally, I prefer the Blake. Would you get one with gold or silver hardware?
  3. Thanks for responding :smile: I want the one w/gold hardware from Neiman's website.
  4. I like the satchel! But if you feel you'd get more use out of the Blake, sell the satchel and get a Blake. They're very similar, IMO.
  5. Wow, the satchel really is similar to the Blake in my opinion. I'm glad you posted pics--I wasn't familiar with it. I do like the Blake a little bit more--would you consider getting it in a color other than black? I think that the shape is classy and timeless and MJ's colors are so beautiful...if you picked a simple color that's subtle then perhaps you might feel more justified in buying it. But I think it's ok to have both too!:smile:
  6. Love my blake, even though ive not even used it yet :sad: lol, I have it in spearmint <<<< its gorgoeus! I think you should get it if you'll get more use out of it!
  7. The blake is more structured than the satchel..I love mine..just love it!! someday I'll get another one..What color do you want?
  8. Thanks again for the comments, you guys are the best! The color I want is black, and that's mainly due to my job (legal) and that most of my wardrobe is black and I feel the Blake looks very polished and professional in black, and it's understated so I can easily take it to court w/me. Don't get me wrong, Blake's in any other color look JUST as purdy, but I personally love the way black looks.

    I think I may have to sell the Satchel and buy the Blake.

    Have a great day!!
  9. I love the Blake. I'm trying to find one myself now. The Blake is a lot more structured like Emmy said. Maybe you could get a Blake in a different color and use each bag for different things.
  10. Love Blake, go for it Cristi. =)
    Resort 06's black Soft Calf Blake has black stitching and brown suede lining; Spring 07's black Soft Calf Blake has black stitching and grey suede lining. Both have gold hardware.
  11. Absolutely!
  12. Maybe I'm the only weird one here, but I think you've totally got the better bag already. I've always really liked the satchel shape--somehow it seems a bit more feminine to me, and a bit "curvier". I guess maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'd say stick with the beauty that you've got. Plus, I always think bigger bag=more functional. But that's just my two cents, Crysti. Either choice, you're going to end up with a great bag :smile:
  13. Hell yeah Crysti that black blake will rock the courtroom! You're would be perfect in that color for your profession...You'd be amazed how organized that bag will keep you too...three compartments! I dress for work daily so I always opt for a certain "look' during the week...chic professional I like to call it...Weekends though look out!!