Should i buy a bag now or in thanksgiving?

  1. I just went to the Macy's in Glendale and saw the tokidoki on sale... but my dad contradicted and sed for me to not buy it and to wait for the thanksgiving sale this upcoming year. i like both spiaggia and vacanze so i am having trouble deciding if i should just wait or buy a bag ryt now. which one should i get and should i wait until thanksgiving since my dad sed its the biggest sale of the year? .....
  2. I guess it depends on which prints you like more. Personally I can't handle the craziness of after Thanksgiving sales, and they usually don't have what I want. So I would probably buy something now.
  3. I say buy now. Never know how the inventory will be by that time! =)
  4. Since you are around the area you should check out the Lesportsac Store in Beverly Hills, they might give you more choices of print placement and styles at the store than in Macy's. I was just there not too long ago and they still had plenty to choose from. I live in Glendale and when I went to the Galleria a few weeks ago they had very few. Although I was able to snag my fumo ciao ciao for $120 there. Also try Boarders on the 3rd floor at the Galleria, they have the camo porta (or whatever its called) for $62. I would grab it but I have no need for it and I dont like the print.
  5. thanksgiving day sales are awesome SOMETIMES... but for the most part they're just the same old sales clumped into one day :shrugs: so if it's 25% now it'll be only 25% off later or maybe 30% but yeah that's about it... then there's also the fact that it's several months from now = no more stock = less items to choose from = maybe not even there
  6. Kula_bear....

    It's actually a cammo black angioletto
  7. OMG!!! Would someon be willing to buy it for me and ship it and I'd pay them back????:drool:
  8. Your dad sounds a lot like mine :p

    I could be wrong, but I don't think they'd have Spiaggia by then. And you could always point out the "limited edition" factor and "uniqueness."

    Anyway, the only reason why I'm resisting pre-ordering something from Pulse for Vacanze is I want to wait and see if any of it will go 20% off like Spiaggia did.
  9. Well you should decide whether you want a spiaggia or vacanze (or both). Like everyone said, if you want spiaggia, you better get it now because you'll never know whether they will still have them during thanksgiving sale. And you have to consider that even tho its available during that sale...would you be able to get one for urself? theres a possibility that there is some eBay sniper who bought all tokidokis and resell it on eBay. Is it worth it to risk all that and save maybe 30% off retail price? Its all up to you and how bad you want it.

    For me, once i found my perfect placement, I'll get it right away. I'll think about it at home and return it if I regret it...but that never been the case, I kept them all. And during sales, I never find the placement I want.
  10. Just like wht everyone else have to say. Thanksgiving sale is still so so so so so far away and you have absolutely no idea what will be available. Also, if you want to Spiaggia, you should definitely get it now. Even huge stores like Macy's Herald Sq is running low and the last time I was there, I don't see a whole lot.

    Now, Famiglia and Transporto are on its way and the chances of them still carrying the Spiaggia print is kinda low.
  11. yep thats it! I totally forgot the style! brain fart....:shame::noggin: Thanks!

  12. i decided to get the vacanze print so i'll wait. i did go to glendale galleria and saw the macy's that was on sale but i think ill pass. i went to burbank too just in case they might have other things but there toki isnt on sale :tdown:
  13. Is the tokidoki on presale at some macy's and not others? :shrugs:
  14. i think so.
  15. well it does always depend... but still mostly everywhere should have it going on hopefully?