should i buy a anthracite GGH (2011)???

  1. Hi guys!
    like many many Balfans, I craved to own a black GGH bal. However, it was discontinued and so difficult to find. So here are my questions
    should I buy an anthracite GGH city from 2011 instead of GGH black?
    Do you think the anthra and GGH looks weird together?
    Does the GGH in 2011 looks too pale?
    Anyone have anthra GGH please let me have a peek your baby. How do anthracite fade?
    should i wait and see the mGHW in Fall 2012?

    Please help! SOS!
  2. Anthra is a fantastic color. I personally prefer it to Black. I own an Anthra GRGH Part Time is my favorite. GGH 2011 is not pale, it is natural gold IMO. Anthra GGH I have never seen but if I could I would prefer it to black since it is a much more rare combo.
  3. i personally love anthra with GGH. plus...most of the black is sold out now anyway and isn't coming back :sad: UGH why did they discontinue!?
    i would buy it because you may regret it once it's gone..
  4. i dont know why, but the only difference between black GGH and antra GGH is that,
    somehow black ggh my heart skips everytime i looked at it!
    i guess ill just have to keep searching, if not then it wasnt meant to be mine :"(
    thanks girls