Should I buy 1 bag or 2 for the same price

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  1. I'm so torn. New Madison shoulder bag or 2 alexandras from outlet. I need help"
  2. I love the Madison shoulder bag. I would rather have one "WOW" bag than 2 whatever bags.
  3. I love the alexandra but I would go with the Madison Shoulder Bag.
  4. Madison Shoulder Bag!
  5. What color for the Madison Shoulder bag?
    Both are nice! I have been asked the question, Do you really love it or just like it?
    Great price for Alexandra at outlet but deep down do you really want the Madison Shoulder bag?
    Good Luck in your decision!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. Buy the one you know that you have to have! You won't be happy settling.
  7. i would get the two bags! better value im sure the shoulder bag will make it to the outlet eventually.
  8. Buy the one (or two) you love. If you love the madison more, don't settle for the alexandra since you're getting two for the price of one. You'll still be left wanting the other one too.
  9. By one of the Alexandras & wait for the other one to get to the outlet...hedge your bets.

  10. I soooo agree with this...I am guilty of doing this sometimes. I will buy the bag that has the better price that I may not be 100% in love with only to still want the bag I really love that is more.
  11. I think the Alexandra is just as nice as the Madison shoulder bag, and there's quite a variety at the outlets now. I would probably get at least one, and wait and get the shoulder bag when it goes to the outlet. I'm sure it will go to the outlets because it's probably a larger bag than most women want.
  12. Or you could wait for the Madison shoulder bag to hit the outlets ;)
  13. If you love the Madison Shoulder bag get one. I LOVE this bag and I don't regret in the least that I didn't wait to see if it hits the outlet.
  14. Get the one you really love. If not you will not enjoy or use it. I just bought two shoulder bags (crimson and black) and I love both of them. Good luck.
  15. Couldnt'a said it better myself