should i bring Edith on Vacation?

  1. I'm going to New York next week and I'm wondering if Miss Edith should come along. do you think she might be a bit much to tote around all day long? I usually carry a balenciaga messenger bag when i'm traveling. I love Edith so much- and it certainly would be fun to carry an "it" bag around. but i don't want to have sore arms! Should i go for vanity or practicality?
  2. yes..u should!!! or bring me, im crazy, i always bring more then 2 bags when Im travelling, even just for a weekend! my husband call me crazy, but I alwas hide my bag when im packing, so he will only find out when im in the hotel room!
  3. Don't you want to be hands free when you shop in NYC? Leave Edith at home IMO.
  4. I'd carry my Edith with me but then that's me.:amuse:
  5. I know exactly how you feel. Take 2 bags so you have an option. Maybe Edith gets a short excursion then you can see if you can handle it the whole day. Have fun!
  6. When I go to NY I take a bag for the trip and then I carry a wristlet around the city, just because I don't want to be lugging a big bag around town. So it depends, I think, on how much walking around you plan to do. If it will be minimal, or just going to a specific place (now walking around EVERYWHERE), go for the Edith. Otherwise, go for practicality. Or use Edith as your "plane" bag and take a smaller bag for other excursions.
  7. I wouldn't. I'd be looking for something a lot more comfortable to tote around the city. I'm going out of town next week too and I don't think I'll be taking any of my Chloes! =(
  8. I would bring something lighter too... you have to be comfortable to enjoy your time there. Balenciaga bags are perfect for trips. For me there's nothing worse than having uncomfortable shoes and annoying bag when u're on vacation, no matter how good they look.
  9. I agree with Etenebris. Use your Edith as a plane bag and take your b-bag for the city bag! You'll look good in both :smile:
  10. all means take comfortable shoes! I spent my first day in Manhattan in high heeled boots and almost could not walk by the end of the day. The rest of the trip was nothing but UGGs.
  11. I do the exact same thing:nuts:
  12. i'm going out of town at the end of next month, and i'm bringing mine with me. i think it's a pretty comfortable bag, and i can wear it over my shoulder, so it shouldn't be bad to carry around all day.
  13. U shouldn't bring ms edith with u! Too heavy to be toting around while u go on ur shopping spree.. and in nyc u walk more than ever! Moreover when u travel, u are more accident prone, and ms edith may not be happy when it's soiled...
  14. Usually when i travel, i bring my balenciagas.. usually 2, one city medium and another purse hehehee... once i brought my spy and it's perfect too!
  15. I cannot emphasise the importance of a shoulder bag in New York! It's so much more comfortable. Also, you wouldn't want to set her down anywhere, so she'll be in your lap all the time - that's one bulky baby. Save her for a trip to California, where you'll be in a car a lot of the time!