Should I bother?

  1. Ladies

    As we are all aware nearly all JC bags on eBay are fakes - and pretty appauling attempts at that.:throwup:

    I am toying with the idea of selling my champagne coloured Mave (dodgey ebayers dont even know the correct spelling :wtf: ) which I carried once on my wedding day.

    When I was trying to get hold of this bag I could only find it in Harvey Nicks in Leeds or the JC boutique in Milan yet I've seen numerous copies of it on eBay when I search the completed listings.

    What are your experiences if any, when selling your authentic JC bags? Is there any point bothering? Are there enough discerning JC fans checking eBay? So many questions!!!! TIA!!
  2. Arggh..I'm in the same boat. I'm tempted to sell my electric blue Mave, but don't know if it's worth the hassle. I ran a completed listings search and it looks like some people have had some luck. But I don't want my bag to be mixed up with the other "Maeves".

    Any advice would definitely be appreciated!

  3. I sold my blue Marin recently. I also bought a black patent Riki a few months ago. I think if you want to try, just show lots of pics and the minimum starting price that you will accept. I actually raised my price on the Marin after 1 day because of all the "can I buy it now" e-mails I got. I think people who are really interested know pretty much how to tell and if not they can ask us! I was willing to take a hit on what I paid for it, but hey I don't buy bags to resell so I was ok with that.
  4. Thanks JM - I know I'll take a hit on what I paid but it all goes towards the next one!!!:graucho: