Should I bite the bullet?


Jul 5, 2012
Hi everyone! Hope you are all safe and sound. Quick dilemma. With the looming price increase in the US, I am trying to get my hands on a mini. Specifically a caviar leather mini. Since the stores are closed, pre loved is the only way to go. & mini’s have not been coming in with caviar leather. Now, should I bite the bullet and pay the extra $$ for a mini on the pre loved market today? It’s either pay the extra, or I’m just going to forget about it. I just don’t want to deal with lambskin honestly.

I know it’s a personal choice of whether or not I am willing to pay the extra, just wondering what other people would do. Would appreciate opinions! Or experiences.
May 11, 2014
What color combo and how much extra? The new increase will make it $3800 retail for a rect mini so it's only going to get higher pre-loved from now on since you want it in caviar.
If it's so high that you can get add some money more to get a small classic flap then go for the small instead before the price increases.