should I bid?

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  1. Hi, if you want to know if it is authentic you need to post under the thread "authenticate this". The ladies who authenticate will have a look for you. Good luck.
  2. thanks
    trying to find out how to move this message now
  3. Hi Winnifred
    Welcome to the forum .
    Just to help you out with this one - it has already been checked out by the experts in the authentication thread and was give the thumbs up by Lakrits.

    I have cut & pasted the post for you below.

    Originally Posted by ccady
    I'm planning to buy my first Mulberry, came across this one on ebay, do you think it's okay?

    Item name: mulberry rosemary oak RARE
    Item number: 280560913532
    Seller id: coastandbeyond
    Link http:

    Thanks in advance. :smile:

    Welcome to the forum !

    It looks good.
  4. Rosemary is a lovely bag, I bought mine at 2006 and I still love it so much!!

    Good luck!!
  5. thank you all!
    I tried to ask my question in the right section of this forum but I think I messed up SORRY!
    I am not so good at computer things and find it still scary to buy online.
    Wondering now why the bag, knowing its real, hasn't been sold?
    Ah well, I will probably end up buying in a store and pay a lot more money.
    Thank you for your replies.
  6. Hey You! I think we have met before in cyberspace ;)

    This is an auction and it could be that people are waiting until the very last moment to bid in order to keep the price low. The best cure for trauma is a new - genuine - bag :tup:
  7. Hi winnifred - Rosemary is a discontinued style so you won't be able to buy it new from Mulberry {although a lot of wish we could!}. Roxanne is being discontinued too but there are still some in shops, and now and again in the Outlets. :biggrin:
  8. Hi Double Dutch!
    Yes its me! Still obsessed with the bags, went to a shop in Aachen yesterday and saw the Rosemary. Fell in love! It costs 750 euro and they were out of Roxannes. They would try to order 2 but if they can?
    So here I am, haha! Never did anything through ebay, feel such a dombo! But I will figure it out eventually, will cost me a lot of money though!
  9. Welcome anyway :welcome2: ! It's great to see you here! Being here will not do your obsession any good by the way :biggrin:

    They had new Rosemary's in Aachen?? Wow, those must be the very last ones!
    You will find your Roxanne (or your Rosie). Beautiful specimens pop up on Ebay every now and then and I will keep a close eye out for you!
  10. Did you win it ?