Should I bid on this??

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  1. sorry Shar...but I don't like it!:shrugs:
  2. Really? Hmmmmmm...well thanks for being honest HM! I wasn't sure either...but now I'm thinking perhaps this money can go towards a bag I AM 100% about!!!
  3. Hey - I think it's alright, but DEFINITELY not real croc. Just embossed leather. The shape and the colour are all really classic. One thing I like about this purse that it isn't screaming at your with logos or logo.
  4. Thanks Jess! Not worth the money to me if it's just embossed leather...bah. I'm going to pass on this one then...
  5. I don't believe that there are any real crocodile or alligator skin Miu Miu bags--Prada yes, but Miu Miu, I believe, only did embossed ones.
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