Should I be worried?

  1. I am awaiting the arrival of a bag I got off eBay which is shipped from England to Germany w/ FedEx...
    I checked this morning... the estimated delivery should have been today after 6 pm... (it's now 4pm in Germany!)... but now they say that the customer wasn't available or the store(?) was closed and they'll try again the next working day.
    What worries me is, that the location (where the delivery failed) says HANNOVER - which is ~300 km away from where I live... the point of destination is Gießen (where I live) - so why is it in Hannover for delivery???
  2. That's really strange GerGirl. You should ring Fedex and speak to someone directly.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Thanks Cal^^
    I just called and the adress is correct... they are going to try again until 6pm and if it doesn't arrive then, I should call again.
  4. Yay!!!
  5. It's not here yet... and it's already 9pm, so it won't come...
    The customer service is not available at the weekend... I have to wait until monday to call again :hysteric:
  6. Mmmh... *worries*
    IF FedEx was here at 12.15 pm (as stated, but in HANNOVER...)... they should have left me a note, right? There was none! So... although they have the right adress... they probably shiped it to the wrong city!!!??? OMG... I had such an awful week and was really looking forward getting this bag today and now I don't know where it is............ :hysteric:
  7. Sorry to hear... I had the same thing happen to me. I was waiting all day for a package and when I checked the tracking it was being delivered to Florida. How in the world do you confuse ARIZONA with FLORIDA?? I suppose it's just a fedex thing.. I eventually got it 1-2 days later (they had to overnight it from Florida, serves them right). I do hope you get your bag, though!
  8. Argh... I'm so mad!
    It's still not here, and it won't be here for at least one more day.......... FedEx indeed shipped it to the wrong town - 300 km away from here! How can anyone be so #&§+&7# :cursing:
    It was a priority parcel and should have been here on friday... the customer service said hopefully it will be there on tuesday, more likely wednesday :shocked: Oh and: they are "sorry" :cursing: Well... I was waiting the whole day on friday... now six hours today... I'm "sorry", too! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  9. I understand your frustration!

    Look on the bright side. It's not lost! Be thankful you have tracking! :yes: Luckily they didn't to hand it over to the person at the wrong address! It's coming...
  10. Hanover looks like a stop over - or where they change trucks. Call Fed Ex and find out where it is. It may have been delayed somewhere.
  11. I called them several times now :upsidedown:... they shipped it to the wrong city... and now have to bring it from Hannover to Gießen... was already so close when it was in Frankfurt, lol... but then... wrong direction :hysteric: