Should I be worried?

I had an auction end Sunday afternoon (March 21st) and right when the auction ended I sent an invoice. I haven't heard anything from the buyer so today I sent another invoice and still nothing.

It's almost Wednesday (March 24th) and I'm feeling a little restless. They buyer hasn't contacted me at all about the payment or let me know about the status of the payment. Should I be worried and how long should I wait before I take the steps toward dealing with a non-paying bidder.

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Sep 8, 2007
I had 2 auctions that ended recently where 2 buyers didn't make payment until day 4 and there was no communication from them at all. I don't worry anymore about it. You can file a NPB after 4 days, I believe.


Apr 28, 2009
I would send a reminder email If there is still no repsonse you can open a NPB claim after 4 days. Sometimes that wakes people up. Sometimes people also wait until Fri to pay. It isn't fair, but true. What kinds of feedback does this person have?
Thank you both for your responses. I sent a message to the buyer on Thursday but no response after 4 days. I decided to wait til today (Sunday) to open a case on the buyer because the item ended one week ago to give the buyer a chance to respond and give them time if they indeed did get a paycheck on Friday like you suggested fashion_mom1.

The buyer has (22) 100% feedback but their last feedback was given last month in February. Despite the 100% feedback, I did notice one seller give him/her a negative in 2007 because he/she didn't pay after being contacted numerous times (the same issue I have).


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Jul 23, 2009
Yes, I would just send him/her a friendly reminder. I usually send a personal, but nice email on the FINAL day that they have to pay according to Ebay's rules. I do this, and I save the email, as proof that I attempted to contact the buyer in case I need to file a dispute for an unpaid item. Good luck!
Apr 15, 2007
Just file a NPB.. you have been courteous and your buyer has not been responsive..

If she needs more time to "pay" she should have already contacted you...


Mar 8, 2010
I typically file NPB after day 4. Then on after, I'd email a friendly reminder and give them the week to comply. If they don't pay or don't message me back, I'll close the case and buyer receives a strike. Although I've had multiple NPB, they were mostly lowballers and a waste of my time. But just wait it out and see what happens. Most likely, you'll get your fees back and will be able to relist and allow a potential buyer to come along. :smile:


May 13, 2009
Most people, from my experience, pay within 24 hours. The first 2 times it happened to me, I patiently waited for 4 or 5 days then sent a friendly email asking if there was a problem, turns out there was, buyers were kind of new and having difficulty with addresses or Paypal, and I was able to help. So, now I don't wait. I send a 2nd invoice with a nice note after 36-48 hours.
If you haven't heard anything by day 4, you probably won't. File NPB, wait 4 more days until it can be closed, and relist or offer a 2nd chance to the next bidder.