Should I be worried???

  1. I have a tiny little daschund/chihuahua mix and he just ate half of a plastic button the size of a penny...I'm really worried and scared that it might puncture his stomach or intestines. Are my worries valid? Should I take him to vet or just wait it out? Please help ease my conscience! :confused1:
  2. Hi havanese, it is probably best to take him to the vet since it might get stuck somewhere! I think your vet will know best what to do! Please also ask around again because there's lots of people here who work at vet offices. =)
  3. I would definitely take your doggie to the vet asap.
  4. I would just watch him carefully, no need to panic yet. My chi eats everything she can get ahold of. This includes popsicle sticks that she will bite into jagged pieces of wood. You can blame DH for leaving those around. But really I'm sure he'll just poop it out.
  5. I agree with Danica, and I am one who usually panics over everything doggie related. Since it is smooth it will probably come out doxie swallowed a bird carcus, yep, feet and all, and I thought for sure that would be a problem, but the carcus appeared later..:yucky: . Just watch your dog for any problems going poo.
  6. Take your doggie to the vet ASAP. Even if it's okay, it will give you the piece of mind that your babe's alright!
  7. Thank you all! It's been a couple days now and he seems fine. We've been keeping an close eye on him so if anything unusual happens we'll definitely take him to the vet.
  8. Good to hear that he's doing okay. I think (and hope) that since the button is very small, it had already gone out of his system thru his stool. My dog once ate one ear of my donkey doll and he threw up the next day.. yup, the ear was in it.
  9. yay hes ok. hehe.. phewf!

    sarahcantiik,, cute story hehe poor doggies eh
  10. because he is such a small dog, I would take him to the vet. if you haven't seen him pass it, it could be stuck. you don't want bigger problems.
  11. Thank god hes ok. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  12. Good to know your puppy is alright :smile:
    Those little fur balls just love chewing everything they see! Be careful :smile: