Should I be worried?

  1. I won this auction on Aug 8th:
    eBay: Balenciaga med city motorcycle (item 330014246705 end time Aug-08-06 22:00:00 PDT)

    I had a couple of messages from the seller regarding payment -she agreed to let me pay via Paypal if I paid some extra to cover her Paypal fees. It was worth it to me to avoid the hassle and the potential danger of a money order.

    I paid via Paypal funded by credit card on the 9th in the morning. Since then, I have had NO communication from the seller. I emailed her once right after I paid telling her I completed the Paypal payment. Yesterday evening, I emailed her asking her if she'd rec'd my payment and asked her to let me know when she planned to ship. This evening, I wrote her a "please respond" message - asking her for the simple courtesy of a response to make sure everything was ok just to give me some peace of mind.

    Still nothing ... so do I need to panic yet? I saw she had a neutral feedback that indicated she was slow to respond and ship, so maybe this is just par for the course for her. I think it's weird that her email address is even though she is supposedly in Irvine, CA. Is it possible that this is a hijacked ebay account, and if so, what do I do to get my $$ back?

    [sorry, if you read my original post before I edited, I corrected some of the dates/times I sent emails]
  2. wouldnt panic yet- it is the start of the weekend, so hopefully she was just busy working and will get back to you by the end of the weekend.
  3. I hope you're right ... I see she doesn't have any other new listings, so that's at least consistent with that theory. ;)
  4. It's only been 2 days. Seller is probably just busy so relax. I'm sure she'll get back to you soon.
  5. Ok, I'm gonna chill. ;) I will post back to this thread if I have any news.
  6. fiatflux, i'd agree with everyone above. just hang out 'til the end of the weekend and give the seller a chance to respond. it must be so annoying though; sometimes i'm so antsy for a response too! hopefully the seller will respond soon.
  7. Don't panic yet, but it is pretty crumby of her to not be available after the auction ends! I hope you get an email soon!

    I wish you well,

  8. She may be away for the weekend, I agree. Still, that email address is worrisome--unless she just moved?
  9. Whew...she just emailed me this morning and apologized, saying she had both work and finals at school. She said she would mail it out tomorrow. I guess maybe she did move here from Taiwan and just wanted to keep her same email address. Her mailing address is verified by paypal, so that's good. THanks for the kind words guys ... I wish I had held on a little longer before freaking out! ;)
  10. weeeeee...what a relief~~!can't wait to see your pix!!^^
  11. glad to read there's no problem.
  12. Lovely!

    I wish you well,

  13. happy for you fiat! it looks like a pretty it calcaire or white?
  14. Oh thank goodness, fiatflux! What a relief. Congrats on your new Bbag!
  15. glad to hear everything turned out great....can't wait to see the new b-bag!!!~