should I be worried....

  1. Ok, so I live in the UK and have a bag my bf got me coming from the US ... it was meant to be a suprise but he told me as he was worried it may be caught by customs.

    My bag was last tracked leaving the US to the the 3rd June and now its the 7th June.... do you think it got caught by customs... has anyone had any experience of this. .... :sad:
  2. it might just be at your nearest post office...CAll them to check!...I've had an item supposidly sent to my address..and never got here..didn't even leave behind a i just went to my post office and it was all there
  3. Check with your post office. I send and recieve packages from England all of the time, some packages take longer than others.
  4. Its just that I know that the seller had put the true amount on the package it was like $1000
  5. In my experience parcels from the US to the UK can be delayed a few days in customs. At the time of the parcel being delivered, you will usually have to pay the postman/courier the Import Duty and VAT on the parcel.
  6. i think you'll just get charged a HEFTY duty... but it's only been 4 days so it should be OK.
  7. It sounds like it did get stopped at customs... hopefully not, though!
  8. I have a bad feeling it has aswell - it still has not been tracked since the 3rd June
  9. you should call the carrier and be sure they don't hit you with a tax which is out of line with the value. I mailed something to my little cousin in the was a "faux" leather jacket...(not that I am a faux girl!) but she is 6 and she wanted WAS PLASTIC for crying out loud...I paid 10 euros on the market! Her mother got charged more than $100.00 in taxes! They claimed I lied about the value! Plastic, I tell you, plastic! yikes...her mother paid the tax without consulting me about it, so, at that point, it was too late...

    Hopefully they agree with the value as stated...and hopefully you do as well?
  10. Please let us know when it arrives!
  11. OMG I am so upset my bag is in customs and is awaiting charges ..... I cant believe this agghhh :rant:
  12. Oh no Kimmy!!!

    Let us know how it turns out.
  13. Once I sent some costume items to the UK and it took almost 4 weeks for the buyer to recieve it!
  14. I think she insured the bag fo $1000 ... does anyone know how much I may have to pay in charges roughly
  15. I am glad you know where it is.