Should I be worried?

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  1. On Xmas Eve (Dec 24) I bought an LV bag. The buyer has been on eBay since Oct, has sold only LV items (about 7 or so) & had 100% feedback. I paid within minutes (literally) of winning the item & yesterday morning Paypal notified me that my payment had cleared.

    BTW, I was the only bidder but thought that Xmas Eve might have slowed down bidding.

    Before actually bidding, I contacted the seller twice because I was confused about PayPal/AmEx but never heard back. I assumed it was because of Xmas Eve & holiday distractions/busy-ness. However, I still have not heard a syllable from the seller & wonder if I should make another attempt to ask about shipping etc. If so, what exactly should I say? I don't want a hassle. I just want my bag. Or my money.

    I'm inexperienced with eBay & would love some advice about what to do next (and when to do it)...Thanks.
  2. Well, I wouldn't be worried just yet. The seller may have had it set to list while she was gone and may be back after New Year's. Still not the best way to have listed something but I know a lot of people stay on vacation from a couple of days before Christmas until a day or two after New Year's. If you don't hear from them by say, Wednesday, I'd file a non-performing seller alert.
  3. Well you just found out that your payment has cleared. Most sellers will not ship until this happens. I would contact the seller and say something like, Hi, I was just notified by paypal that my payment has cleared. Could you please confirm and let me know when you plan on shipping?
    You may also want to ask the seller to provide a tracking number as well. Good luck!
  4. Oh I didn't notice that you had edited your post..
    Yeah most sellers don't ship until the payment clears, just to make sure everything is ok with the money. I would do as jenny said and email them about the payment clearing and ask when the bag would be sent out and for the tracking number once it's sent.
  5. The seller has 72 hours from the time your payment cleared to send out your item. If you have not heard from them within 72 hours file a dispute with paypal. That usually makes the seller more responsive!
  6. Thanks, jenny, twiggers & lvbaby, for your very helpful input. I emailed the seller and the person who received the money yesterday but still have had no reply. I note that there are 4 names involved: the person who got the payment, the seller, someone who seems to be acting for the seller & a 4th person whose function is unknown (at least to me). Does this seem strange?

    Also, Twiggers, I can only find on eBay that the seller must send out "promptly" (no 72 hour limit mentioned). Do you have a link for this info?

    Thanks again, everyone. I'd be lost without your help & advice. The ebay transactions I've been involved in so far have all be smooth, quick & pleasant. I just can't figure out what's going on here...If it's a scam, it's awfully elaborate for $560 which seems as if it will be split 4 ways!!!!