Should I be worried?

  1. Ok, I know this is kind of a touchy, personal subject... but sometimes, it helps to get advice from a "neutral" 3rd party, so to speak...

    I've been on the pill for about a year now (had been on it before, but went off, then went back on again). I take a generic called Necon. Normally, it regulates my period to where it's very light, and I only bleed for 2 or 3 days tops.

    Last week, however, I noticed that I was bleeding before I was due. (I still had about 10 days of "white" pills left, before I had to switch to the "yellow" placebo pills.) It wasn't extremely heavy, so I figured it was just breakthrough bleeding, and went about my normal day.

    However, I continued bleeding for the next 4 days, lightly at first and then more heavily. After 5 days of "spotty" bleeding, it finally seemed to stop. Tonight, though, I noticed that I was bleeding *again!* :wtf: (I still have 2 days worth of "white" pills left.)

    Should I be worried? I'm thinking it might be stress-related. I recently got promoted at my job, and the workload of my new position is killing me! Still, though... Anytime something doesn't seem right "down there" I get a little worried. What do you all think?

    Thanks for listening... :shame:
  2. This has happened to me before and it was actually a very similar situation! I was VERY stessed out about a summer internship and was having the exact same problem as you.

    I ended up going to the doctor (because im ALWAYS paranoid) and also because i am sexually active and DONT want to become pregnant. The doc told me that it was mainly because of stress, but oddly it can also because of our eating and exercise habits.

    I had been so busy that my bod was running on foods that i didnt ususally eat, like fast foods because i was always on the run. It sounds weird, but this is what she told me!

    Have you had any different eating or exercise habits that could have thrown it off? Otherwise it is probably because of stress. But i would STILL see the doctor to make sure it is anything serious!

    I hope you get everything figured out! ;)
  3. Not necessarily worried, I think its actually kind of common. If it continues, go see your doctor to be sure.
  4. yea...see the doctor's not called paranoid, it's called playing it safe...only takes 3 hours to get a check up...

    I'm against the pill, it totally screwed up the regulation of my reproductive system...@_@ I met two women who were on the pill 10-12 years and they both said that they got breast cancer from the pill even though research doesn't say so...they said they eat healthy and exercise and have no family history in breast cancer...and I believe them because after all, when ingesting the pill, it's ingesting hormones to change our natural cycle...that must screw things up inside over the long term
  5. I'd call your Dr and talk to him/her about it.