Should I be worried? Talk me down, ladies...

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  1. Ok, so I received my first Bal bag earlier this week- an 09 Anthracite GSH City. I LOVE it. But I'm plagued with fears it is fake.

    I bought it on Bonanzle and it was authenticated in the thread here.

    A couple of things that worry me- the seller is a tPF member, and now has other bags listed in which she mentions her membership. She did not mention her membership in her listing for this bag. The only reason I knew she was a tPF member was that I came here and searched for the seller's ID to see if anyone had bought from this person and she came up as a member.

    Next is that there's no paperwork or dustbag with it. I don't particularly care about such things, so I didn't ask about them during the sale. But now I see, after reading more threads, that perhaps I should have cared?

    Am I being paranoid?? I don't have the photos from the original listing, but I do have the additional photos that she happily provided to me that satisfied the experts in the Authenticate thread.

    I should just calm down, right? Right?
  2. Those things shouldn't worry you, especially if you had it authenticated prior to purchasing.
  3. I posted everything there prior to purchase and it was authenticated. So I shouldn't worry, right? :smile:

  4. Oh thank you!!! I'm just going to let it go and use my new bag with confidence!!
  5. If you are still worried, repost the pictures.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.