should i be worried if another bidder retract her/his bid?

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  1. i am about to bid on an item which i thiink to be authentic. However, today I just realized that one of the bidder retracted her bid (hence the price is cheaper). should i be worried that this item might not be authentic? or should i go ahead and bid anyway?
    ps: sorry if it is not posted in the right subforum.
    thanks gals....
  2. Did they give a reason for retracting. Sometimes it is often something as silly as they put the wrong highest bid amount in, and want to retract it :smile:
  3. well... i dont know wha tthe reason is.
    i just remember that last night the highest bid was around 400. and today i lloked, its only around 200. and the name of the highest bidder is different. thats why i think the highes bidder retracted her bid.
  4. Sometimes people seem to bid to try to see what the reserve is and then they retract that bid and try to stay below the reserve and negotiate down. I think it's poor sportmanship, but I've seen it happen.
  5. msg the person who retracted their bid and ask why.
  6. Also, the seller may have pulled it if there was feedback problem, payment issues, intl, etc. You could always post the auction link on the "authenticate this" thread to confirm if it's real or not.
  7. Yeah post it in Authenticate This! also, it could've been cancelled.
    Do you remember if the person was a new eBayer? Sometimes they are required by the Seller to request permission to bid. . . her bid may have been cancelled or she could've been NARU'd.
  8. i dont think she is a new ebayer.....
    and i dont remember her username.
    oh well..... i just dont bid then
  9. swanky.... i did not post it in authenticate forum coz i did not really ask anything to be authenticated.
    i simply asked for opinions from other girls for this situation.
  10. ^yeah, I know!
    I meant if you are afraid if it's not authentic, let us help you, that's all.
  11. Per your first post, I think swanky (and myself) suggested posting it in "authenticate this" since the bid retraction lead to your questioning the authenticity of the bag, and deciding on whether to bid on it based on that. If others confirm it's real then the retraction of this other bidder has no bearing, and even more the reason to bid and get it at a better price.
  12. Exactly!:yes:

    this is why we suggetsed you post it in Authenticate this!
  13. If the bidder has cancelled their own bid, you can see their ID and the reason why they cancelled in the bidder's list - they have to choose from a set of options. I'm not sure if any info is displayed there if the seller cancels a bid.
  14. There's a myriad of reasons that a bid is retracted. As a seller I have cancelled bidders' bids if I find them suspicious or not adhering to the terms. I have also had bidders who retracted bids because they misunderstood the descriptions or had buyer's remorse. In cases like this, bidders don't want to get into trouble with eBay so they would use fake reasons like "descriptions had changed". It's quite annoying and uncool as it will affect a seller's sales. Therefore, definitely take a look at the listing carefully and ask the seller lots of questions. Often times, you can get a good feel of the seller by communicating with them.
  15. I've had buyers retract because they were could be that :smile: