Should I be worried? (About my shoes)

  1. I ordered the cambon flats over the phone from Nordstrom in CA. The SA told me that the only ones they had left in my size were in Seattle, WA so I gave her my info and she said it would be about 5-8 business days. It's been about a week.

    The shoes were pending on my credit card and now when I checked, the pending charge is gone and there's nothing there to even show a purchase.

    Is that normal? Has anyone ordered from Nordstrom in Seattle before? I'm getting anxious. I really want these shoes!
  2. Why don't you give them a call? I hope you remember her name. Wait until Monday evening and if it isn't there by then, then call.
  3. I've had the pending thing fall off my credit card and then reappear again on several transactions (with other stores, not Nordstrom). I don't know why it happens but there is a chance it will reappear again.

    You can call Nordstrom Seattle's main number 206-628-2111 and asked to be transfered to customer service where the packaged can be tracked by a representative.
  4. I've had it happen to me before too. Nordstroms can be funny but they usually come through! Give them a call and see if they know what's up. Good luck!
  5. the pending is the actual auth to ensure you have money on the account, once that is approved the order is then processed. The actual charge will come in a day or two.. They can not actually charge the card until the item is shipped.
    I process credit cards eveyday
  6. I bought my beige flap from Nordstroms in Seattle. They were slow shippers, the bag came by pony express, but everything was fine.

    What color Cambon flats did you get?