Should I be wary of this buyer?

  1. I don't sell on ebay often, most to fund more bag purchases so I don't have much experience in dealing with buyers. I have a wallet listed and received a message through ebay from a person making a BIN offer. They offered to pay through Western Union--which I'm not familiar with I've always paid/received payment via paypal--and made an offer that's IMO very very good for the pti. I was a little hesitant but the person had positive feedback from auth. LV sellers and other sellers of bags so I messaged them back saying I would accept the offer.

    Long story short, the person told me they got another wallet from another seller then this morning sent me a message asking if it were still available for their sister.

    Should I be wary of dealing outside of ebay and with Western Union?? Help!!
  2. I think Jill dealt with Western Union before. I think someone paid through Western Union before and the buyer is charged a fee for doing so. You might do a search of the words Western Union on our forum. I don't have any experience dealing with it. Sorry.
  3. Just don't send it till you recieve the cash , then you're golden .
  4. I have sold a few things using bidpay which was Western Union. This was a few years ago and it worked fine, in fact, I preferred it to Paypal because there were no seller's fees. I'm not sure that Western Union and Bidpay are still connected though.
  5. No I think any buyer that would want to pay with western union is fine. It's usually sellers that say they only accept western union I stay away from. I always accept western union if the buyers request & have never had a problem. I actually would prefer it, then you don't have to worry about scammers & false disputes with paypal.

    Ebay does not allow you to say you accept western union for approved payments. If they see it in your listings they will remove them. Just a little FYI.
  6. As a seller I would definitely prefer Western Union over Paypal because I won't get charged the fee. As a buyer I would never pay with Western Union because I get no protections.
  7. yep, western union is better for the $receiver, ie you, cos there's no protection for the $sender (ie the buyer)
    - so there's no reason why you shouldn't accept the payment!

    just wait til you've got the $ in hand before you send the bag..
  8. sell it nothing to be afraid of
  9. definitely nothing for you to be afraid...BUT do not ship it until you have cold hard cash in hand (if it's a MO or something wait until it clears the bank)!
  10. I'd go ahead and add a BIN for them and accept that payment for sure!
  11. I sent a message to the potential buyer telling her I would accept her BIN and now she's MIA! Strange strange people!