Should I be using a moisturiser/night cream?

Jan 19, 2008
I have oily, blemish prone skin. I manage to keep this pretty under control with my current skin care routine, but sometimes I feel my skin looks a bit dull. I'm pretty sure this is because I don't always drink as much water as I should, but I'm terrible and as stupid as it sounds I always forget to drink!

I read somewhere on here about Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream and thought it sounded rather nice. Do you think I should be using a night cream or would it upset my oiliness/spots? I've tried using oil-free moisturisers during the day but it just makes me too oily. Just wondered if a night cream would give my skin that extra bit of oomph?


Jan 13, 2010
Peterborough, ON
I'd try it. I put moisturizer over acne cream, and a light layer doesn't make me break out. Sometimes I put jojoba oil over acne cream as a moisturizer before bed, amazing stuff!

~ I find that keeping a large glass of water with me at all times and a bottle when I go out really helps...and when I forget I drink a glass and always refill it...kinda habit to get into.


Sep 29, 2009
I do have oily skin too and using moisturizer day and night, helps a lot. It really change my skin texture. It works great! I think it normalizes my skin, now the oiliness is subtle that gives dewy effect on my face which I like.

Lots of water really help.

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
I have oily skin, and I have found that regular, light moisturizing plus gentle cleanser and toner (something that doesn't strip all the oil out of your skin) have really helped regulate my oiliness so I am way less shiny during the day than I used to be. My favorite moisturizer, day or night, is Lush Imperialis.