Should I be upset?

  1. I purchased a clutch from a seller on Jul 13th, and today is July 18th. I didn't hear from the seller since I paid, so I decided to send her an email asking if there is a tracking number for me b/c I just wanted to know when to expect it. I was only asking b/c I have a few packages coming, so I want to keep track and make sure someone will be home to receive it. She replies and said that she was out of town and that it will go today. Why did she end an auction during the time she will be away for a few days? I would've been fine w/ it if she had told me she'll be away and will ship when she gets back, but she tells me now coincidentally right after I had emailed her. I'm not saying she's shady, but I'm just a bit annoyed. I paid the second I won. She emails me 5 days later?! Argh, just venting ;)
  2. You vent away! I totally agree, she shouldnt of ended the listing if she knew she would be away. It may of been an unexpected thing but if so she shouldof let you know. That would of been the polite thing to do as a seller.
  3. Your frustration is totally understandable. I have no problem with auctions ending while Seller is away if the information is noted in the listing but I would be upset if I weren't advised prior to bidding. No contact for five days is flat out rude and demonstrates a complete lack of professionalism on her part.

    I hope all ends well. :flowers:
  4. She may have been away, but there's an equal chance she was just lazy and is making up excuses for the delay in shipping. I'm sure you would have heard from her if you hadn't paid for five days.
  5. Good pt bag-mania! I would def heard from her if I hadn't paid in 5 days, huh? I also thought that she probably forgot about shipping it and gave me the I was out of town excuse.

    Thanks all for your comments! Makes me feel better, at least, that I'm not the only one thinking that was wrong. But at least I don't need the clutch right away since the wedding is not till a few weeks, and it wasn't expensive. I would've panic then!
  6. I totally feel you. when I pay I want to get the bag ASAP. I just get so excited that I can't wait.
  7. tell her that before she goes on her vacation, to not forget to send you a tracking number. if she has a problem with that, leave her an appropriate FB.
  8. That's happened t ome before too.

    It's very frustrating.
  9. I guess she may went before auction ended and posibble didn't realize if there's bidder ? :shrugs: I ask you coz I ever went overseas for 3 days to follow the national exam for my magister, unfortunately, I'd no chance to ol, then when I back home & ol, I found tons of email from 1 buyer only, asked for track # & even threaten will report to police :lol: :rolleyes:

    How if you wait for 5 days again before file claim with PayPAl?
  10. OMG, the seller was NOT out of town like she said she was! I got an email (totally forgotten about it) from Paypal saying that "Your package will be shipped by PayPal MultiOrder Shipping with U.S. Postal Service", but then the same day I got an email saying it was cancelled b/c seller changed mind. This is the day after I won and paid for the item. At that time I didn't think anything of it and just ignored it b/c I figure she decided to use another shipping method. I totally forgot about that till I was looking back on emails and saw that Paypal email. SO that means she was in town, and she was going to ship it but decided not to? What's the deal here?! Now I am PISSED. I totally gave her the benefit of the doubt and remain patient, but now that I know she lied... ARGH!
  11. Unfortunately some people just don't take their responsibilities as a seller seriously--she sounds like one of them! Very annoying!
  12. re-email her and said that you'll file claim w PP if she didn't respond nor you receive your item, good luck :flowers:
  13. I did email her, and she replied w/ my tracking number and said that the bag was forwarded to a different address. She asked if my address is correct and it was, so I have no idea why it would be fowarded to a different address. Makes no sense! I had 2 packages delivered to me via USPS w/ no problems whatsoever. What the heck is going on? I asked her to call and reroute it. I mean I can't do anything. She's the one who sent it out.
  14. She has 7 days to send it out. All sellers do. She should've told you she would be delayed in sending it though. Definitely.
  15. This smells bad to me......don't sit too long on this. If she can't give you a tracking number to the correct address, reverse your payment with CC Company.