Should I be upset?

  1. So I posted on another thread that I tried to get a legacy stripe ponytail scarf yesterday and the SA was really rude and treated me like they didn't exist and I was imagining its existence. When I insisted on her checking to see if there were any in stock, she went into the back of the store and came back and said they didn't have any in stock and that they were not orderable right now.

    I know another tpf'er warned earlier this week to go get them ASAP as stock was running down, so I figured I missed my chance.

    But here's the thing, they're still available on Coach's website.

    Sooooo ... is it possible that they are purchaseable on the website but not in the store?

    I am kind of bitter about the SA's poor overall treatment, and so I'm kind of suspicious of whether she actually checked on the availability of the scarf. I've obviously blown my last chance to get it on PCE, but I'm wondering now if I should call the store and complain.

  2. Yes, you should be upset!
    So many rude SAs...

    I would call the store and complain AND check on the in store availability on Coach's website. You know when you click on the item it gives you the option to find it in the store.
    I purchased 2 last monday from the PA store on walnut street. They had 8 left.
    If you can't hunt one down I can get their number for you and I'm sure they will ship it to you for free.
  3. There are other items that also show as being available on that really aren't available. You'd have to call Coach's toll-free number to verify the availability.
  4. I'd try calling a different store maybe?
  5. I called the nearest coach store I have (3hrs away). They didn't have a scarf in, but they ordered it for me from the warehouse and it's shipping for free. I would definitely call the store you went to or call a different store.
  6. You should definitely call, and don't give up on the ponytail scarf. I just recently ordered one off of the website...

    Good Luck!

  7. call that store's manager and tell him/her the situation. if its on the web then it can be ordered!
  8. Actually, that's not always the case. There was someone on the board yesterday who wanted to order something that showed as being available on the website but on calling found out that it really wasn't available. :shrugs:
  9. the SAs always told me that as long as its online then it can be ordered. i know i even got the green hobo that was online but wasnt yesterday ordered. :shrugs: its always worth a try to ask
  10. You should call the manager .And of course you should be upset they should treat you better >:p
  11. definitely call.

    are they running low? i should definitely call too then ;)
  12. Any updates?