Should I be upset?!! Return issue with LV!

  1. OK, this all started with my quest to find a decent heart coin purse. I was sent miroir ones from other stores and when I received them, they were scratched with noticeable scratches. I'm not talking tiny ones....I'm talking deep, noticeable ones. I returned those (3 of them in all) and decided to try vernis. I received 2 pomme ones that looked like the vernis was an orange peel or cellulite! LOL It was not smooth like the vernis I'm used to seeing. Returned those. I ended up with a violette which I didn't LOVE, so was fed up with it all after the manager tried selling me another supposed perfect "silver" one. It had a bunch of tiny scratches all over the me, not worth the money. She actually told me that it's going to end up getting scratched anyways, so it's not that bad. WTH?!!! Today she called me and told me that LV is concerned with my high number of returns......they want to know how can they help me to be more satisfied with LV? What?!!!! I told her that it all boils down to quality control. I refuse to spend these high prices on defective pieces. I bought a cles last night and the keychain part is pitted with knicks. I called her back and explained the situation. She told me to bring it in and we will definitely exchange it out. I'm kind of upset and told her that I feel like I've only returned when it's obviously defective items, but now I'm looked at as the bad person. Sorry....just had to vent. I'm picky, but my husband who could care less even said that he wouldn't have kept any of the hearts either. Sorry....just had to vent!
  2. Bummer to hear.. it sounds like they are sending you items that have been used !! On paper it may look bad, but I mean, all those reasons are valid. And just because an item will get scratched, doesn't mean that someone else should do the scratching for you ! Why don't you ask her if they have issues with defective returns, or even with items arriving damaged, because you really shouldn't get pieces that are imperfect !
  3. That's so frustrating! It seems to be more and more common for stores to "blacklist" customers. So even though it's not your fault *at all*, I'd still be careful from now on.

    Your best bet is probably to go into the store where you can inspect them and pick out a perfect one.
  4. I would write a letter to the company President regarding your concerns about recently quality control issues. For what you are paying you should not have to get scratches on any piece and the comment that it will get scratches was uncalled for. If it gets a scratch then you should have put it there not buy it like that.
    Guess I was lucky my pomme and gold heart where great when I picked them up

  5. This is a really good idea. Get it on the record that it's not your fault!
  6. Kelly, that's not fair in the least. I agree 100%, if you, as the customer, are not completely satisfied with your purchase you have the right to return it for something else, or for a full refund. It's their policy.. they shouldn't look at your past transactions??!!

    Getting it on paper is a good idea. Let us know if anything else comes of it.
  7. You should be upset! I'd write a letter too, did you take pictures of any of the defects?
  8. yea i totally understand your pain. i had quality problems with my chanel and i was told they were hand made and the problems that i had were expected. I was so disappointed with that service. I just asked for my money back.

    You should do what makes you happy.
  9. Wow, all that must have been so frustrating.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through all those returns. :flowers:

    I also agree with you 100% with all the returns.

    LV is definitely not cheap so the items should be flawless.
  10. ~I'm with you on this one *girlsgottoshop*. I have to be happy and content with my purchase(s) because I'm paying for it-and that's the bottom line! If the store mgr. informed you that LV is concerned, then maybe give h/she the benefit of doubt. Maybe, LV will use your experiences and improve their quality control. Despite the coin purses will end up getting scratches but at least that's our choices:supacool:. They should learn that customers will not just "SETTLE" when we're paying high prices for LE items-that's just IMHO. BTW, it's ok to vent 'cause we're here for ya ((hugs)):flowers::flowers:~
  11. Thanks gals!! Yes, she told me that she would let LV know what my concerns were and why I did the returns. I guess they were more concerned at what was going on at that particular store and if they were doing something that was causing me to return the items.....not sure I believe that one. I think that they were ticked because I returned all the items within a short number of days. It didn't look good on my part, but I'm definitely not going to pay $400+ on something with defects. That's just insane! I will not buy something miroir or vernis without looking at it first from now on. I'm going to take your advice and write a letter. I feel it's unfair and that they need to up their quality control. The manager did tell me that LV has excellent quality control and she doesn't know how these items slipped through.....she said it's so rare that they sell defective items. From being on here, I know that's bullsh!t!!! LOL I think everything is being so mass produced now that they don't check like they used to.
  12. sorry to hear that. you know how it goes at stores sometimes...but i do understand the venting should ask my boyfriend and best friend!:lol:
  13. Sorry to hear about your bad experience! LV needs to know about the poor quality of the hearts. I mean, that is why they are pricey, because of their rep for having quality items! It is good that you let them know. Yes, I agree, she was feeding you a bunch of bull! If it was rare, how come you had several defective items? I hope you find another "perfect" accessory!
  14. OP - believe me I know how you feel............remember my two heart purses?? Well a little less that two weeks ago I got a cles in amarante. In my search for a new pomme heart, which I couldn't find...........I was able to located one in amarante and a cles in pomme so I did a charge hold for them cuz I didn't want to have two pieces in the same color so I was going to do a flip flop swap...........well when I got to the boutique there was a problem w/both those items. So I returned the 2 pomme hearts and the pomme cles & amarante heart (from the charge hold). SO then I head over to another boutique and I was able to get a heart in violette and they had cosmetic cases in amarante, so I got those two and traded my amarante cles for one in pomme. Now I have 3 LE items in diff colors. So now it looks like I too am a cronic returner............UGH! And most of it was due to quality control, not me.
  15. Be VERY careful with selecting your next few purchases. When LV contacts you in regards to a quantity of returns, they have placed a flag on your account and they will watch it for the next 6 months. She should have also explained to you that your next purchase there will not be a return or exchanged allowed and to be very certain of your purchase. This is what LV does to those that make numerous returns within a short period of time, this happened to my neighbor after she exchanged several items her husband bought her for other items. I would write a letter to LV headquarters and copy it to the manager of the boutique that called you regarding your returns so she/he also has a copy. IMPORTANT!! Do NOT order via phone or online, make your purchases over the next 6 months in person only, so you can examine the item before buying it. Good Luck!