Should I be suspicious? (shill bidding)

  1. I'm wondering if I should be suspicious about this bag/seller. There is an early bidding war going on, and I'm wondering if the seller is participating in shill bidding. What do you think? The buyer with 1 feedback only has feedback from (and left for) the seller, and is bidding on another item from the seller (very different than an MJ purse). It's also a little strange that the later items in their store are all BINs, similar to the auction recently discussed in this sub-forum (egumma-something or other).

    Thoughts? Here's the auction:
    eBay: MARC JACOBS SOFIA SOPHIA HANDBAG MUSTARD AUTHENTIC HTF! (item 140093196600 end time Mar-12-07 12:46:42 PDT)

    I was seriously considering this one, but it's already getting pricey considering there are more than two days left and 21 bids already.

  2. TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE IT! The person winning right now, has already bought something from the seller!
    Id report it!
  3. Here is eBay's email

    Contact them with the links and details!
  4. MY bf and I experenced this last night. He got a second chance offer right away. I want to report the listing, can someone tell us how. The seller is also sending nasty emails.eBay has gotten really low and shady.
  5. Send an email to: with complete details! More details the better!
  6. mmmm seems like shill bidding to me.

    I am wondering how you can see the bidder IDs in that auction when most now don't have ids showing just Bidder 1. 2, 3?

    Maybe that is only in here in UK?
  7. I'm not sure, but I can see the individual IDs. :confused1:
  8. I sent a report as i know my bf would never do it. I told seller we know what she is doing, she was nasty and rude. Sad we have money to spend and crappy sellers make ebay look bad for legitiamte sellers.
  9. So true!

  10. i actually reported it to ebay too....because that pisses me off!! I have bailed out on many good auctions because of shilling! things I really wanted, but I refused to play that game with the seller. :censor:

    what did she say to you? just curious LOL
  11. I reported the seller this morning. We'll see, I guess. The auction ends in two days, so it depends how long ebay takes to look into it. I looked at the seller's past items (via their feedback), and this is not the first time this "buyer" has helped drive up the price. Not every item, mind you, but more than just a couple of them. The seller has a lot of BIN items, but if you look at those with some bidding that "buyer" has bid on many of them. *sigh*

    It's so shady. It could be coincidence, but I'll err on the side of caution and hope that the auction gets pulled before someone loses out.
  12. I can see them as named ID's. I am in the UK too.

    I thought it was only if you set it that way, or it was an item over £200. Or once the item goes over £200.

    It certainly doesn't seem consistent. It is definitely a help if you can see the name of the bidder.
  13. I dont understand it I didnt change my settings! Another ebay bug no doubt they have me with a negative showing which I don't have & 3 positives short, told me it was a bug on the system UGH!!!!!
  14. yeah! seems like shill bidding!!
  15. I got the following in an e-mail from ebay:

    eBay is very concerned about any potential violation on our site. We
    have investigated your report and have taken appropriate action. Our
    actions may include issuing a warning, a temporary or indefinite
    suspension, or terminating the eBay membership.

    To protect the privacy of all our members, we can't discuss the details
    of an investigation with another member. I hope that this assures you
    that your account information will also remain private.

    But... the listing is still up. *sigh*