Should I be suspicious? HELP?! :(

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  1. I bought a cute pair of Tarina Tarantino earrings from eBay. The seller shipped to me first class international. She says she is not responsible if they never arrive & if insurance isn't paid for. This is stated in her listings. Being from the States myself, and having lived there most of my life, I am well aware of how long things take (from there to Canada). What worries me is that it's now going on two weeks and I still don't have the item. If I were to dispute with paypal, I only have 45 days to do so. The seller states that it could take as long as 4-6 weeks for an item to arrive. I normally wouldn't start to become suspicious, but the pair of earrings I bought are somewhat rare, and I just checked her listings, and she has an exact pair up on auction. What do you think the chances are, that since I paid only $5 for her to ship to me, that she is going to intentionally screw me over? Do I give it three weeks and then file with paypal? Help you guys, what would you do:confused1: and think? Am I jumping the gun:sad:?
  2. Regardless of what the auction says, the seller is responsible for ensuring it is delivered. Paypal blames sellers if they do not have proof of shipment. That is why I always require insurance and tracking because otherwise, a seller can be blamed for the item getting lost.
  3. I forgot to add, if I didn't buy insurance, is it my loss if the earrings don't make it to me?

  4. Gotcha, so I am safe? Other than a neg....:push:
  5. First class shipping purchased through Paypal has delivery confirmation, at least in USA. Also I shipped alot of items to Canada on December 21...PRIORITY MAIL but out of the lot...2 just arrived on January 23rd...and that's Global Priority.
    First Class was used by my daughter shipped inside the USA..took 3 1/2 weeks...
    this is horrible.
    Ask if there was some kind of confirmation, because if she can't prove she sent it, Paypal will back you.
    Also when I know an item is rare...... the harder I try to purchase more! Its then I pull out my credit cards..YEA BABY:nuts:..and I hardly EVER buy just one, if I am going to spend time taking pictures, listing and measuring, to list an auction and sell it, :tup:I at least try to buy 3 so I don't have to work so hard..and this included ANY rare, unusual or WANTED items.
    Hope it works out, let us know,..please.
  6. Two weeks is not unusual for U.S. - Canada shipments. I wouldn't panic yet. And you do have 45 days to file a claim.
  7. I've had items shipped to me from Canadian sellers and it's never taken over 2 weeks. The 4 to 6 weeks she says it may take makes me wonder if she is walking them over to you. That's excessive. Don't's the Paypal rules state that it's the seller's responsibility to ensure the item is delivered to the buyer no matter what she says.
  8. If you file a dispute now with PP for the item not received. She will have to pony up the proof of shipment. One of two things will happen. 1 - she will povide the shipping information to the dispute and you will know the delivery status. 2 - she doesn't have the information to supply and you will therefore win the dispute. I wouldn't wait - JMO
    I don't think it is uncommon at all for someone to have more than one item... I of course sweat when I see they use the same listing and pics for the item though...

    Good Luck!
  9. insurance is for the sellers protection. IMO it should be paid for by the seller.
  10. I agree, it does sometimes take a REALLY long time for things to get to Canada from the US. Is there any tracking?
  11. Make sure you open an "item not received" dispute, within 45 days from the auction.

    It is the sellers responsibility (whatever they state in their auction) to get the item to you.

    They will lose a Paypal dispute if they haven't provided online tracking.

    Good luck!

  12. No, she didn't send any tracking info, but said she sent it first class international. I have things sent from the US almost on a weekly basis and it doesn't take this long. I don't pay attention to the method in which things are sent, so perhaps FCI takes longer? I know it isn't rare to have more than one of something, but it just took me for surprise. It looks like the same auction relisted, but it doesn't say relisted. I guess I'll wait one more week and then file with paypal. Do I take it straight to dispute or try dealing with the seller via paypal first? I really don't want to piss her off, and haven't had to deal with this before. Thanks for all the help!
  13. As a businesswoman and one who's dealt with liars AND honest people, I would be very proactive and do everything I can to get your earrings and/or money back immediately. 4-6 weeks sound like a stall tactic to me. You are not shipping by boat over the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, it is Canada, not Japan, or Europe. It is right next door. I think that your instincts are right that she relisted the item and is stalling for time. Go after her. I smell a rat and if she doesn't cough up the tracking information and you can't verify it, do everything in your power, report her, etc. It's your money, and time is of the essence. Please let us know what happens. We care. Take care and good luck.
  14. I hope you get your earrings soon! File with PP before your 45 days are up - you can always close the dispute if they show up. My family is in Canada and I send stuff there all the time and it never takes that long, although I think 4-6 weeks is the "official" post office timeframe.
  15. ^^^Thanks^^^^ I do think something seems off. I am off to email her about tracking, as one of the posters said first class international does have tracking. Thanks for your kinds words and everyone's support.