Should I be suspicious/cautious?

  1. I've been looking for this one juicy jacket for the longest time and the only place i can find it in my size is on eBay. Apprently this jacket has been on sale for quite some time and stores wont have any more shpts of them.
    All of the listings i looked at uses the Saks or bloomingdales' picture of the coat. I find that so odd that they wouldn't just take the time to take a picture of the actual jacket. The person has a lot of feedback and its like 96%. I cant really post the auction in authenticate because theres no picture of the actual jacket. I dont know if anyone's ever dealt with this, i just dont want to go through the hassle of getting the jacket, finding its fake or totally messed up and go through the whole dispute process. Its really a hassle.
  2. Why don't you ask the seller for pictures of the actual coat they are selling and not just stock photos? If they won't do it, I wouldn't bid. If they do, you can post it in the authenticate this... thread.
  3. Ita ^^^
  4. Ask for more pics. If he/she won't send them don't buy it. It really stinks that you can't even enjoy finding something you really want on eBay without worrying if you will be scammed. :sad:
  5. Already asked, the seller said something about not having a camera she can connect to her computer. But she assured me that she's sold many things with pictures just like the ones she's using and people have not had a problem.
  6. Walk away. I know it must be frustrating not being able to find your size, but it doesn't sound good to me!!!
  7. i kno...but i am sooo tempted. HAha..
  8. I personally wouldn't take the chance, especially with only 96% feedback. There's gotta be some negs in there somewhere - obviously, someone has had problems with her.
  9. 96% positive feedback sucks... I would read the feedback and see why. If it's for selling fakes or items are not as described, then no, don't do it.

    If you like, PM me the auction and I'll check it out. I'm pretty good at reading people online.
  10. IMO, sellers who only use stock photos are most likely selling counterfeit items. I'd walk away.
  11. Well, I checked out the person and there are more red flags than just stealing photos/not using her own. I PMed the OP back with the information, and my thoughts. One of her current auctions is for a Chanel bag that she bid on in November but then didn't pay for it, earning her one of the two negs she has. Both of her negs are from sellers. Those pictures were some stock, but others were obviously amateur photos.

    Another item she is selling she also recently bought... and she not only used stock photos (of the same jacket in a different color) but she also took the pictures of the person she bought that jacket from.

    Another thing that bothers me is that the seller has three identical coats, one of which the OP is looking at. In looking back at everything, she's selling designer stuff, but in different sizes.

    Something just really smeels fishy.
  12. What a super sleuth you are Speedy! With all this information, I'd definitely avoid the auction and wait for another jacket to come along.
  13. Speedy you are awesome!!!
  14. Awww, thanks guys! I bought and sold on eBay for a long time, and plan on resuming now that I have the power chair to get me to the PO. (Nothing designer though, what I bought and sold had to do with collectables.) I used to spend 18 hours a day on eBay! A kind person who also eBayed then taught me how to really reasearch a seller/buyer. I have almost 900 feedback, all but one (a retaliation for a neutral) positive. So I'm more than happy to give an auction the "Speedy Once Over" for you all. I can't authenticate anything, I probably know less about designer stuff than anyone here, but I can get a really good idea of what someone is like... ask Bag Angel about my sixth sense! HA!

    AZ, love your avatar too... catching bubbles?
  15. ^^^ Yup same here....I can spot them a mile off too!! Sounds like you were as prevalent on eBay as me :shame: