Should I be stuffing my bags?

  1. When they are in their dustbags-should they be stuffed or no? Right now none of them are stuff-they are just in their dustbags in the bottom of my closet. What do you do?
  2. I stuff mine when they're being stored in their dustbags. I think it helps keep the bag's shape, especially the ones that are a little more floppy or have less structure. It helps a lot to stuff them if you store them vertically ("standing up") instead of lying down too....

    I usually keep the originally stuffing that comes with the bag if it's nice, or just use tissue paper. Then I just put the stuffing in the dustbag while I'm using the purse.
  3. Either stuff or hang. Softer bags do well with hanging, like my MJ Stella - she'd stretch too much if I overstuffed her.
  4. I stuff if it's a bag that tends to flop over or not stay with it's shape when unstuffed.
  5. I stuff mine except for the ones that are flat in shape.
  6. I stuff
  7. I used to sell handbags, and if they're the slouchy type, there's no need at all to stuff them. If they're more structured, or they crease/scratch easily (like the Ferragamo leathers of old), then it's suggested that you stuff them during storage.

    A Chanel 2.55 reissue or YSL Muse, I'd stuff. Something like a Paddington, not really needed.
  8. I stuff ones that might bend easily.
  9. I stuff all my bags with old T's. Never hang your bags because the straps will break. For all LVs unbuckle the straps for storing so that you won't have a black mark there.
  10. I stuff them before storing so they will keep their shape. I tried not stuffing before and the bag became a little "slanty" after a while. NOt good.
  11. I have a question... Is it all right to use newspaper to stuff your bags? Or you should you use tissue paper or the paper that comes in the bag?
  12. I stuff them. I wouldn't use newspaper.

  13. Ooooh, agree! Ink comes off of newsprint REALLY easily. It would almost certainly soil your lining after awhile.

    Oh, I stuff mine too - with clean cotton t-shirts...
  14. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who stuffs her bags with textiles! Except mine are sizable fabric scraps (less than a yard in length) folded and arranged to form the bag's shape. It's always a pleasant surprise to find a bit of silk or really nice cotton which I was saving for "later" or something "special" and had forgotten about. I'll show you what I've done with the raspberry silk when I've finished.
  15. i always stuff mine!