Should I Be Scared ???

  1. So last Thursday I purchased a MBMJ zip clutch on eBay and the user told me they would mail it first thing Friday morning. Anyways, I know eBay items can take a while in the mail, especially coming from so far away, so I didn't expect to have it by now. BUT today I happened to notice that the user I bought from is no longer a registered user on eBay. So of course now I'm freaking out and thinking that I got completely scammed... Should I be worried that I'm not actually ever going to receive my zip clutch ??!!
  2. I was going to say that maybe she didnt really send it out Friday, or that maybe she sent it NOT priority...but reading that she is no longer a registered user worries there any way you can contact her?
  3. Hello
    This happened to me fairly recently - but my seller was suspended. As the seller is no longer registered, I dont think you will be able to send them a message and it does ring alarm bells with me that they are no longer registered

    Did you get their email address (have they sent you any other emails using their personal email address ie not via ebay?) If yes, I would send them an email and see if they respond. Perhaps there may be a legitimate reason..?

    In my case, I ended up starting a dispute for item not received. Through ebay's dispute console centre, you can send emails to the seller through ebay and ebay forward them onto their email. I think it is possibly the only way you can still contact them through ebay. I would strongly advise you to set up a dispute (I think it is called dispute console) straight away. If the bag arrives, then great... but if it doesn't at least you have taken steps to report it to ebay.

    Did you pay by paypal as well? If yes, I would also report it to paypal as item not received.

    I ended up getting a refund from my seller because she had actually been suspended from ebay and after some investigation, I found out that the product I had bought was actually fake anyway so I asked for a refund which they provided. Good luck!
  4. Unfortunately I never did get her email, so I dont think it will be possible to contact her that way ...

    But thanks for all the info, at least it's still possible to get a refund if it doesnt actually come !!
  5. I don't know if things have changed in the past year, but it's possible to NOT get a refund if the seller moves the $ out of their paypal account. I was scammed last year, and even though the claim was found in my favor, I was never reimbursed because the seller had already emptied their PP account :cursing:

    I'd definitely try contacting them through ebay, but don't wait more than a couple more days for the item to come. Time is of the essence when it comes to recovering your money if it's a scam. Good luck!
  6. This is why you always MUST pay by credit card, not with a paypal balance.

    File a claim, and if you paid by credit card, if paypal doesn't side with you, then file a chargeback. You should get your money back that way.
  7. After rereading the post, I realize now that she never mentioned form of payment or even paypal, and I assumed her situation was similar to mine. Whoops :push:

    Definitely agree that a CC with paypal is the way to go. Fortunately I was only out about $25, but it was when I was still naive enough to believe that Paypal was "safe" and only had my debit card linked.
  8. haha yeah, no worries i paid with a credit card ..!
    thanks so much for all of your help, I'll let you know how it turns out !
  9. Even though the seller is suspended you should still be able to leave her a message. Go to your completed listing and hit "Contact Seller". It should work. This happened to me once (although not on something as nice as a MBMJ bag). I got pretty scared too. I contacted the seller and they advised me that my item had been shipped. They were eventually reinstated. Good luck.
  10. hi saving-seats,
    worst case scenario you can have the seller's phone number from eBay (in the case the seller doesnot respond to you within a week or so).
    hope for the best..