Should I be practical or impulsive?

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  1. I just got my Christmas bonus and it was great this year! Of course, thoughts immediately turned to buying some LV.

    For some reason, I have been dying for the black Multicolore speedy 30. This is the bag I really want, and it's just the perfect price for the portion of my bonus I was planning to spend. However, it's a pretty impractical bag for me for a couple of reasons. I don't usually use bags I can't throw on my shoulder, and the only time I would use a bag the size of the speedy 30 (as opposed to something a bit bigger, like the Aurelia MM) is on the weekends... I like a bigger tote for work.

    But on the other hand, maybe it makes sense to just buy something fun to reward myself... plus, since I usually use bigger totes for work and smaller clutches for evening, I've kind of already got those categories taken care of and it might be nice to just buy something frivolous.

    What to do? Should I say the heck with it and buy what I really want, even though it might not be the most *practical* purchase? Or do I think about it some more and try to find something that I *need* (or at least something more like the type of bag I use often?)

    Thoughts? :flowers:
  2. Well..which bags do you already have? :smile:
  3. you should totally buy the Multicolore speedy 30 and enjoy it!:yes:
  4. I say go for it. You only live once and I am sure you work hard enough. I am an impulsive shopper though and don't think things out thoroughly. Screw practical!!!!

    Oh and when you get pics! ;)
  5. If you love that bag - than you should definitely get it:yahoo:
  6. i agree- get the bag you want! you worked hard, you got a great bonus as a result so buy something you'll love!
  7. If you really want it, then get it. Just make sure there isn't something that you might like or use more often.

    I would love to have a black mc speedy, but I have heard of the color chipping off. Can anyone verify this?

  8. I have a black MC speedy and have had no color chipping whatsoever. :yes:
  9. You guys are right... I should buy it! :yahoo: Fortunately, I work RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from one of the LV boutiques in NYC... so I'll go check it out in a few hours!
  10. it's your bonus, do what will make you :smile: you earned it girl!! go with what you want!
  11. I hope you get what you really want with your bonus money. It is a wonderful treat for yourself after you've worked so hard. :yahoo:Show us pictures when you get your LV!
  12. Ok well since I don't know what bags you have already, I'll go with the Speedy. It's a pretty bag-spend your bonus well on something you love ;)
  13. ^^ Oh sorry lvbabydoll, I missed that question earlier :smile:

    The only other LV I have is my Keepall 50 (she's my baby)... but I'm quite well equipped otherwise... I've got two work totes, several smaller bags, a few evening clutches, pretty much everything I actually *need.* Which is one reason I really want this bag just to have something fun and to add to my LV collection :smile:

  14. Update: I bought it! Wheee!!

    I need to post some pics. I'll do that in a sec.
  15. Congrats on the bag! :wlae: I was just about to post GO FOR IT!!! I've had the practical vs. impulsive discussion with DH many, many times. And each time he tells me, "There's nothing practical about buying a 1K+ handbag. So forget practical and just buy what you really want."