Should I be picky about how to get a broken Mini strap repaired?

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  1. I have a lambskin square Mini and one of the seams has torn on one end of the strap that connects to the bag. None of the leather/hardware is damaged and it looks like a rather simple repair that can get fixed at a cobbler.

    I've yet to call or go to my nearest Chanel boutique as it's almost an hour away, but my Mini is about 9 years old so I don't know if they will still fix it. I also understand the repair could take weeks...but I would consider it if they would repair for free or for a really low charge.

    My second option is to send it off to Leather Surgeons, who from what I've read is Chanel's repair shop anyway. And likely get a cheaper, faster, repair than if Chanel were to charge me.

    My third, probably cheapest and fastest of all if I don't get a free repair, is a from my local cobbler that I've been pretty pleased with repairs of other bags (but not as expensive as Chanel) and my CL/Valentino shoes.

    I'll be going to the boutique in a week or so but the main reason I'm so picky is because I don't know if I'm keeping my Mini forever. I love it to bits now (so much that it needs repair obviously! lol) but I may want to sell it off for another Chanel in the future and am wondering if how I get it repaired will affect it's value, if it at all. It's also one of my most used bags so parting with it for even a few weeks will give me separation anxiety! :sweatdrop:

    Has anyone had their straps fixed before? Are you picky about repairs being close to how the bag was brand new? If you were buying a preloved and repaired Chanel, does any of this repair history/method matter to you?
  2. I haven't had anything repaired but If you plan to sell it in the future, I say take it to the boutique and get it repaired there at least when you disclose in your sale listing about the repair you will have something from Chanel about the repair and also doubles as authenticity.