Should I be offended?


Jul 7, 2006
I'm selling a bag on ebay (actually, I got 3 at a sample sale and kept one and listed two.) I got an email last night from a potential bidder asking me how many I had and where I got them (the second part I could see as relevant to authenticity if there was some concern I had unwittingly bought fakes, but I kind of felt like how many I had was my business - and certainly might be a business decision on my part to keep it to myself if I had another, so people didn't just say, oh, I'll bid on the next one). Anyway, part of her email seemed a little bit weird to me - "I own many designer purses and will know a fake bag from an authentic one."

Would anyone else take that as being a little bit standoffish? Like, hey, don't try to get by with a fake because I'll catch you, when there's no reason she has to believe the bag isn't authentic? It kind of makes me wonder, too, if the bidder is that pushy already if I should hope they don't bid because it could be an indication of someone who's going to be a real pain later on.

Am I being oversensitive here? Or would you all take it the same way?


Oct 15, 2007
It's funny you should ask this. I had sort of the same thing happened to me. I sold a wallet on ebay last week and the buyer emailed me AFTER she won and stated this:

I'm paying for this now. I'm counting on you to be legitimate and that
this is real! I know it's a great price for a genuine Versace. It's for a
friend who knows her stuff! I've read your feedback which is why I bid on
your items and not several others!

I also felt like is this some sort of threat??? I mean if you read my feedback and everyone on it commented how all my items were authentic, then why are you still buying my item and "threatening" me?

So to answer your question, you have every right to feel the way you feel because I think either they have no tact and don't know how to state something nicely or it's a simple threat. I hate pushy bidders/buyers so I would just block them in general. :tdown:


Jul 7, 2006
WOW! That's even worse!

I once had someone buy an old laptop from me - parcel post to CA. The PO says that takes 7 business days. He instantly started threatening me and saying if it wasn't there by Tuesday (a week after I shipped it -not 7 BUSINESS days) that he'd neg me - and this was before you could retract. Well, of course it wasn't, and of course it showed up Wed, after he'd neg'd me, and sent me an email that basically said: I always thought you didn't actually have the computer and were trying to scam me! (Something about my pictures, I don't remember the details). But the big thought I had at the time was, look, if you thought I didn't have it, why did you bid at all?

I give people the benefit of the doubt, and I might ask for more info, but from the point of view of "I just need to reassure myself it's ok." It sounds almost like some people HOPE they get a fake just so they can say, ha, gotcha!


For the love of beautiful things
Oct 18, 2006
When I first started using ebay, I tried so hard to be above polite & now I can't help but feel there are so many rude folks, that ebay needs mods there to warn off & suspend folks if they get too rude.

LV Rawks

Jun 9, 2006
I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe she did not mean anything by it, but the truth is that there are some rude people out there in ebay land. I do think that her comment sounded a bit like a threat...just hope for the best that she will not be a further problem.
Jan 18, 2006
Yes, it's very rude how she came off to you. I would've told her that she's being paranoid and that since she is such an exepert at spotting authentic bags, she should have no problem going to a full line store and picking one up at full price because she won't be bidding on my auction. Then, I would've blocked her.

Asking you how many you have and where you got them is not only none of her business but also pointless if she's trying to determine authenticity. Does she REALLY think that a scammer would seriously tell her that they just picked up 25 mass produced fakes and hopefully, she is sucker #1?!