Should I be offended or am I just paranoid? lol

  1. Today I decided to go to Neiman Marcus at the Stanford mall. I went inside the Chanel area and not one SA approached me or asked if I needed any assistance but the SA approached and asked the other lady in there... it really made me feel out of place, like I wasn't worthy of being helped... or maybe I'm just being sensitive :confused1:
  2. Unfortunately this happens a lot with certain Chanel boutiques. I’ve noticed where I live some associates are very judgmental. Maybe it has something to do with my age? I’m 21 and I assume quite a lot of girls go in there without any intention to buy, so maybe you’re running into that issue. I was extremely disappointed when I first walked in there and was treated this way. Once I told her I wanted to purchase a bag, she immediately was very concerned with making me happy. I hope you find the right associate to help you. I ended up dealing with a different associate than the one I just spoke about, and she was friendly from the beginning. I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck.
  3. I'm 21 too so I guess that can be one reason why. Thank you for replying :smile:

    I hope it also isn't cause I'm Asian cause the SA was white and the other lady there was white too.
  4. I think it may be more age related. The SA may have the misperception that an older person would be more likely to buy than a younger one. Don't take it personally.
  5. I'm 28 but as an Asian I look younger than my real age. Chanel most Chanel SAs didn't pay attention to me at all but I know some nice SAs and they are great.

    I got lots of bad experience from Chanel boutique.

    Sometimes I visit a boutique after school with a no name bag and normal cloth and some SAs look down at me. Anyway, I don't care I know I have money to pay (lol). I always go to Chanel boutique every week and lastly they can remember me and treat me in a good way.

    I don't care whatever they act. Dad always told me that don't judge people from what you see and if your duty to sell something, you need to have a service mind.
  6. age is usually the reason. when i'm shopping alone, i'm pretty much left alone. (i'm in my 20s too.) when i'm with my mom, SAs are all over us. i prefer it when they don't bother me. :smile: i can try on all the stuff i want without having them looking over my shoulder! forget the SAs and enjoy your shopping.
  7. on the other side, i actually prefer when SAs don't fuss me and being too everly attend me.
    i like to browse "alone" before i decided something, when i have my eye on something, i'll ask for their assistance, and they better attend me then LOL
  8. I don't think you are paranoid; it seems this happens in every Chanel boutique. Don't be offended either, it is probably the way they are trained.

    In the Sydney store, being asian or having a male partner with you will get you good attention, looking like a uni student, wearing a backpack will get you bad attention and being a mid-20's solitary caucasian female will get you no attention at all!
  9. Dont feel bad. It happens all the time. I will give you personal story. I have been a die hard LV collector. Buy alot...or did. I used to go into Chanel and drool, but just didnt want to make that first purchase, a weird loyalty to LV I guess. Anyway. They all treated me like dirt. Everytime I thought maybe I would buy something I would ask questions no one would even care to help. So about 3 months ago, I make my first purchase then second. They are all over my ass now. I mean ALL OVER. I get calls all the time, granted I have bought alot but they just didnt think I was a buyer before. That is a common mistake poor salespeople make, poor in the sense they are lacking sales skills. So dont feel bad, its not you, they are just crappy salespeople!!!
  10. I wouldn't feel offended. I am 34 (and look it) and went into the boutique in Bloomingdales NYC last month. I was the only one in there, and they didn't say hi. It's not ageism, it's the particular SA's temperments . I won't buy from them now because of the way I felt when I left....
  11. lol, wearing a backpack won't get you any good attention at all no matter where you go. =P
  12. I know it made you feel weird, but it's a bit of a mixed blessing. Honestly, I wish they'd just let me browse invisibly. I'm not one for small talk when I shop unless it's with an SA I already have a relationship with.
  13. I had a complete opposite experience. I just recently got the urge to buy a designer handbag, but had no idea what i wanted. I had traveled about 2 hours away to hang out in Houston in cheap jeans. When I went in to NM, An SA came right over to me, took me to every designer and schooled me before I finally decided to try on Chanel. I was upfront about not buying that day- but in the near future.
  14. I agree^^
  15. ITA- I want to be left alone unless I come up to them-